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[Video] FROM’s Donna and Victor (Elizabeth Saunders, Scott McCord) Discuss Their Character’s Season 2 Bond and Storyline Arcs

As season two of MGM’s From horror series continues, the character arcs of Donna (Elizabeth Saunders) and Victor (Scott McCord) are taking on increasing importance to the town’s survival.

With the protagonist Boyd (Harold Perrineau) on a solo mission to uncover the town’s secrets in episodes 201 and 202, that left Donna in the uncomfortable role of herding a bus full of newcomers to safety before the night creatures emerged. This situation allowed viewers to see the stark contrast in Boyd and Donna’s leadership styles, as the latter was formerly confined to managing the more like-minded, hedonistic individuals of Colony House.

“I think it’s personality,” Saunders told BeatsBoxingMayhem regarding Donna’s more hot-tempered, authoritative leadership style. “His (Boyd) skillset is slightly different from hers where he’s able to organize. Whereas Donna, she can protect and she can make plans but she doesn’t have that organizational skill that Boyd has — which is why I think he gets in certain dilemmas that she doesn’t.

“She’s volatile and I think that’s tricky for her too.”

Initially viewed as unsettling and creepy, Victor has now endeared himself to many viewers with his innocent, childlike demeanor and protective nature over several characters like Ethan (Simon Webster) and Julie (Hannah Cheramy). While his connection with those younger characters is understandable, Victor’s prescient ability to read character’s intentions will put him into any unlikely alliance with an antagonistic, intolerable character as season two progresses.

“We know with Ethan in season one it was the ‘Boy in White’ that was the connection,” McCord explained. “That relationship was established early on and I (Victor) see a lot of Ethan in myself as he was ‘chosen.’ Each person has their own thing. The unnamed character you’re mentioning, I think it has to do with the frequency they meet on. They’re really at opposite ends of the spectrum and yet on the same one. And yet, they find each other and there’s a need for each other — as there is with all the relationships in this story.

“With Tabitha (Catalina Sandino Moreno) for instance, immediately there was a very maternal thing there. Even though I was instructed to come in and protect her and get her out of this labryrinth at the end of season one, that relationship developed as well. There’s a certain trust there but it’s different from the relationship with Ethan and the unnamed character.”

Although Donna has her own maternal bond with Victor, she doesn’t have the leadership support system her counterpart Boyd shares with Kenny (Ricky He). Saunders is hopeful that can change and names the Colony House resident she believes can step up in future storylines.

“She feels very safe with Victor but I don’t feel she’d be able to put upon him to share [leadership support],” Saunders reflected. “Maybe Fatima (Pegah Ghafoori), but even then she’s a young woman. I think in a way Donna sees her as potentially a woman who can lead in the future. But she doesn’t have that confidant [yet].’

New From episodes air Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET. BeatsBoxingMayhem is covering the entire second season with additional interviews coming next week with stars Harold Perrineau and Eion Bailey.

Watch the full interview with Elizabeth Saunders and Scott McCord below.

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