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Ismael AbduSalaam is the founder of Beats, Boxing & Mayhem and Previous writing credits include [C] Magazine,, and (Senior Staff Writer and Boxing Columnist). 

Beats, Boxing and Mayhem is the only website that combines coverage of Hip-Hop culture and professional boxing. The concept derives from my love of both disciplines. In the last several years, many writers have taken their skills elsewhere, leaving a sharp decline in the journalistic quality of Hip-Hop and boxing coverage. The purpose of this website is to correct that issue, and supply a unique voice and perspective on these two dynamic institutions. The “mayhem” portion of the site’s name reflects the unpredictable element of both entities, ranging from emcee battles to dynamic slugfests.

Welcome to my life. Welcome to Beats, Boxing, and Mayhem!

Please send all media inquiries, potential news leads, and freelance writing assignments to General feedback is also welcome. Your time here is greatly appreciated!

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