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[Video] Lola Brooke Resurrects a Black Sheep 90s Classic for “Just Relax”

The 90s are forever a vibe! Upstart Lola Brooke has the industry buzzing off the strength of recent bangers like “Don’t Play With It (Remix)” and “So Disrespectful.” She now returns with a homage to the 90s golden era with the Black Sheep-inspired “Just Relax.”

Reworking the classic 1991 beat for Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours (Revisited),”Brooke goes deep into the 90s aesthetic from the initial info font listed in the bottom left corner to the staircase rhyming which reminiscient of Biggie’s “One More Chance (Remix).” And Lola attacks the rhythms with her trademark authoritative delivery and aggressive bars:

I ain’t your type, me and your bitch not alike
She can’t uh my nigga outta spite
I’m crazy ’bout mines, better know how to fight

Black Sheep frontman Dres also makes an appearance to put an OG stamp on the proceedings.

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