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Power Ghost Ep. 307 Recap: Monet Eliminates A(nother) Problem, Tariq Finds the Mole, Diana’s Test

Every deal comes with a price...

Every deal comes with a price — are you willing to pay it. Episode 307 (“Deal or No Deal”) of Power: Ghost finds our cast of rogues navigating RICO cases, heartbreak and the dangers of family betrayal.

Monet continues to paly her perilous game of manipulation against the Castillos, her own children and the Russians. Tariq focuses on gaining Lauren;s trust to find out intel on the pending RICO case, and Brayden discovers first-hand how dirty Weston family business truly is. Other topics covered include:

  • Will Diana fold under police pressure
  • Is Cane close to figuring out Monet’s lies
  • Cane and Effie’s pending romance
  • Will Tariq kill Saxe?

Make sure to subscribe to the BeatsBoxingMyahem YouTube page for full episode discussions immediately following the midnight premieres through the season three finale.

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