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[Video] Ciara – “Level Up”

Posted: July 18, 2018 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Regardless of the song quality, you can always count on a quality dance video from Ciara. After a well-received version of the “In My Feelings” challenge, she’s back with new visuals for the catchy “Level Up.” It’s interesting to see her doubling down on that title after getting social media pushback a few months back. Everyone up for a Ciara album to close out the summer?



Drake is back with another UK freestyle courtesy of the BBC Radio’s “Fire in the Booth” series. Following a bombastic two-minute intro from Charlie Slouth, Drake supplies a few minutes of luxurious bars over smooth production. Speaking of Charlie, he’s a bit too hype next to Drizzy’s laid-back approach. Where will the Drake freestyle tour pop up next?


Young M.A is on the hunt for the hedonistic pleasures of life in her new visuals for “Petty Wap.” The pool party setting supplies the expected booty shots of scantily-clad models. Lyrically, M.A keeps the content and flow simple, allowing the production to carry the vibe. The video is directed by @ShotByCisco.


We might just get that Surgical Summer. Although still riding high on the first week sales of Scorpion, Drake has more tunes to offer via this freestyle for UK’s LinkUp TV. The faux accent will no doubt annoy some, but Drake’s love for the UK Drill scene is well-known. The Kanye shots are clear on this one:

Y’all droppin some shit, but that was a bust, They got no direction in following us / I come from a city that they never touch, Your man is a goofy & he can get brushed / I can’t name a Rapper or girl that I trust, I dream about turning these Yutes into Dust….”

In the later verse, he get another jab regarding the work he did with Kanye during the Wyoming excursion. (They wanna link when they got no chunes [sic] they too worried bout selling out shoes.)

I know what you’re thinking — why the continued Kanye attention when Pusha is the one who destroyed him? Short answer is he’s the easier target. Pusha has already declared his thoughts on that strategy (“How dare you put Ye in my verses?/I’m selfish, I want all of the curses…”), leaving us left to wonder how long before the cold war is broken and Surgical Summer recommences.

XXXTentacion Shot and Killed in South Florida

Posted: June 18, 2018 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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XXXTentacion, who garnered devoted fans for his eclectic music influences and controversy for alleged incidents of domestic violence, was shot and killed in South Florida today after leaving a motorcycle dealership. He was 20 years old.

Witnesses claim to have heard several shots around 4:35 p.m. in Broward County. XXXTentacion, real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was found comatose in his vehicle at an undisclosed intersection. Several witnesses claim he didn’t have a pulse when transported to a nearby hospital as a level one trauma patient.

According to dispatch audio obtained by TMZ, police are looking for a black Dodge Journey. Two males in hoodies with red ski masks opened fire on XXXTentacion at point blank range. A Louis Vuitton bag belonging to the rapper was missing, adding to speculation the murder may have been a botched robbery.

XXXTentacion’s last album, simply titled ?, was released in March and his first #1 album on Billboard. Known for his explicit lyrics detailing his struggles with depression, drug abuse and suicide, XXXTentacion also garnered infamy for several allegations of violence against women. A trial was pending for a 2017 incident where he allegedly assaulted a pregnant woman.





[Video] High Art: The Carters Go ‘Apesh*t’

Posted: June 16, 2018 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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The Carters

Live from the Louvre Museum in Paris, The Carters indulge in high art extravagance in this surprise video drop for “Apeshit.”

The visuals serve as the opening salvo for the power couple’s first joint album, aptly titled Everything Is Love and streaming exclusively (for now) on TIDAL. What will immediately grab you on “Apeshit” is Bey’s flow. Yes, an artist of her stature will only get the best writers, but having a competent flow is not something writers can bestow on you (see Cardi B’s latest project). Here she rides the beat better than Jay (at times).

Everything Is Love is your appetizer for the On the Run II tour that hits the States on July 25.


How’s this for a high school reunion glowup? Drake reunites with the cast from Degrassi: The Next Generation for a hilarious rendition of “I’m Upset.” There’s a lot of tongue-in-cheek moments for those who grew up on the show, most notably Drake’s entourage chasing the kid who shot and paralyzed him. Jay and Silent Bob also make their presence known (these two must be immortal!).

Drake also took this occasion to unveil the cover art and release date for Scorpion (June 29). This is the first musical output from Drake since receiving a lyrical spanking from Pusha T two weeks ago. Although the beef is allegedly squashed, it’ll be interesting to hear if Drake will address any of the accusations on the new project.