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[Video] Young M.A – “Same Set”

Posted: August 3, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Young M.A and the Red Life crew¬†are down¬†in Miami¬†enjoying the good life in the new visuals for “Same Set.” M.A’s little dance on the bike is killing me. Her latest, the HERstory EP, is available now on all streaming platforms.



[Video] Playboy Carti – “Magnolia”

Posted: July 10, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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With Jay Z¬†having listed it as one of his 4:44 inspirations, ATL’s Playboy Carti¬†has finally unleashed some visuals for his massive hit “Magnolia.” Special effects abound as Carti¬†acts out the chorus on the streets of NYC. Look out for an appearance from A$AP Rocky. Carti’s¬†self-titled debut is available on all streaming platforms.


Nothing to see here, just A$AP Rocky doing surgery to repair Tyler the Creator’s mutilated face. Directed by Wolf Haley, Tyler’s latest delivers the surreal imagery we’ve become accustomed to. Stay tuned for the slick R&B beat switch that would make The Internet proud.


The Everyday Struggle crew¬†are involved in yet another rapper confrontation. And this time, DJ Akademik wasn’t the target.

It all started with a¬† standard red carpet interview with Migos. The trio, never known to be the most expressive during interviews, seemed immediately on guard due to Akademik’s kicking off things by referencing the¬†“running joke” of¬†Takeoff being left off the group’s smash single “Bad & Boujee.” Things got¬†more awkward as Akademik’s appeared to not hear or couldn’t make out the group’s Georgia drawl, and Budden suddenly interjected to cut the interview short.

As he left, he brushed by Offset and dropped the mic right in front of Quavo (while mouthing off, no less). As expected, the group took it as disrespect and stood up, prompting their entourage to swarm.

Fighting at award shows? Real Hip-Hop is truly back! In all seriousness, this was more posturing than anything else. Yes, I’m aware that the Migos once Superman-punched a fan from the stage, but 99% of the time¬†rappers are not trying to get their hands dirty. The Migos’s money is a little longer these days, so they were ready to let the goons handle Budden.

Joe confirmed on Twitter this morning that his beef was indeed with the Migos and not his co-host’s questioning. Budden went on to¬†call the trio “sassy.” Say what you want about Budden’s well-documented L’s (like the Raekwon incident), but he’s also on camera confronting folks one-on-one to resolve any tension (see Consequence).

Was Budden unprofessional? Absolutely. But you don’t watch Everyday Struggle or listen to his podcast looking for objective news. You do so because he’s unfiltered, much like Charlamagne and Star’s fanbases.

Still, being unfiltered doesn’t necessarily protect your jaw. Unless Complex cuts the security check, it might be time to start taking bets on who gets snuffed first this summer between Joe and Akademiks.


I think it’s safe to say Nicki Minaj must have that fire. Although Sarafee and Meek Mill are long broken up with the Queens beauty, the two have not ceased their hostilities.

Well, at Meek hasn’t. In a clear videotaped setup from DJ Khaled’s BET Mansion Party, an unsuspecting Sarafee is accosted by several men as Meek conveniently¬†exits a truck. Not one to have his all-white attire sullied, Sarafee¬†escapes the melee with the help of a friend. Unfortunately for that friend, the knuckles turn in his direction, and he takes several flush shots standing and on the pavement before he too gets away.

As expected, social media is having a field day with both parties. This marks the second time that Meek’s people have jumped an easy target (see Quentin Miller), while ignoring the repeated requests for a fade from Game last year. There’s a smaller contingent that has been criticizing Sarafee for not coming to the aid of his distressed homie.

Look, as someone who’s been on both sides of the jumping equation in my foolish teenage years, I will fault no man from retreating when two or more adversaries are on his¬†head. If we’ve learned anything from that tragic incident at Irving Plaza, getting into all-out brawls with random goons can have severe consequences. Second, none of us were ever under any illusions that Sarafee was some type of tough guy. With that said, he needs to at least give that entourage member a bonus for doing his job (and then some). I would like to think most would double back to help their friend once they saw what was happening.

As for Meek, that is a big step backward.¬†He had just begun getting to the point where people were focusing on his music over the extracurricular¬†nonsense. It’s not a good look for any man, let alone a star artist in his position, to be rolling around in the streets with his EX’S EX-BOYFRIEND.

$5 bucks says we get a Sarafee diss track by Monday.



Yes Rihanna, loving to see you naked is a given. The Bajan beauty looks stunning in these new visuals for DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts.” Older fans will get memories of Santana’s “Maria Maria” when those guitar licks come in. This song is featured on Khaled (and Asahd’s) upcoming album Grateful.


Rick Ross’ stern criticism of Birdman finally gets some visuals with this new clip for “Idols Become Rivals.” A song like this would’ve greatly benefited from a Birdman stand-in (think “Dre Day”), but Rozay opts to follow his usual video format with opulent¬†shots of his mansion, cars and plaques. We do get one unintentional comedic moment with producer Bangladesh staring as the graphic details the alleged money owed to him from Cash Money.

Rather You Than Me is in stores now.