Dave East – “Percocets” x “No Lights”

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Dave East_percocets

Dave East continues his daily grind with two new tracks — “Percocets” and “No Lights.” For those of you who wish the younger cats would attack the mic with the same energy as the greats from yesteryear, here’s an NY guy to keep an eye one.


[Video] Gucci Mane – “Richest Nigga in the Room”

Posted: July 27, 2016 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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The beer belly is gone, but it’s the same old Gucci. The ATL legend professes his love for capitalism and proclaims to be the “richest nigga in the room.” His latest album, Everybody Looking, is available now.


After years of false starts and general apathy, fans of the original Blair Witch Project have had their prayers answered. Lions Gate has revealed the forthcoming horror film dubbed The Woods is actually a sequel to the 1999 smash hit, picking up with the brother of Heather Donahue braving the cursed woods to locate his lost sibling.

You’d think after what happened the first time, he’d leave well enough alone (there’s even a sign that states don’t go into the woods after nightfall). But what would be horror movies be without people making dumb decisions?

Personally, I was intrigued years ago when the plan was to make a film on Elly Kedward, the actual witch from the 1700s. However, with the release of Puritan era The Witch earlier this year, that tale would seem redundant. The trailer looks good, but the question that lingers will be if the upped production enhances the creepy atmosphere, or devalues the source material to your average teen scream fare.

At least we know they got one thing right in not acknowledging the 2000’s Book of Shadows sequel. *shudders*

Blair Witch 2016 hits theaters on September 16.



Since knocking out Yuriorkis Gamboa and winning Fighter of the Year honors in 2014, Terence Crawford has been rightly viewed as one of most talented and versatile fighters in boxing. But the Omaha native and WBO junior welterweight titlist still has challenges ahead. On Saturday night, he attempts the unify by facing the other consensus top fighter in the division, WBC titlist Viktor Postol.

Aside from making deciding the best fighter in the division, the fight holds huge significance for Crawford as it marks his debut as a pay-per-view headliner. In a sport in dire need of a young, homegrown U.S. star, can Crawford fill the void?

When he’ll know he’s the best fighter in boxing.

Crawford: When I’m univerally labeled #1 Pound 4 Pound. I know I’ve arrived, but I’m not where I want to be yet. That’s why I won’t rate myself #1. The rating has to be a combination of both (fans and media). The people didn’t like Mayweather, but they had to respect he was Pound 4 Pound #1.

On facing Viktor Postol on pay-per-view.

Crawford: Well, it was a surprise. But at the same time, it wasn’t something I was worried about. My main concern is that I got the fight. I don’t feel like I cornered him. He’s a champion that wants to fight the best. I’ve been trying to do the same thing. We have the same promoter so we should have got the job done making this fight.

If unifying junior welterweight is still important over bigger matchups at welterweight.

Crawford: Not at all. I feel the winner of this fight will be labeled the best in the division, hands down. The fans, from New York to here in Vegas, have been receiving me very well. My team has been getting great feedback. As for this being my debut main event at the MGM Grand, it don’t matter where we fight — you still have to perform in that ring. We could fight in Mexico. What matters is what you do in the ring.

On being able to fight orthodox and southpaw against Viktor Postol’s style.

Crawford: It doesn’t matter that he’s taller — I have no preference on height. I got the ability to adjust to any fighter. I make my adjustments on the fly and am working on becoming one of greatest fighters of all time.

I don’t know if beating Postol will be enough to get me my second Fighter of the Year. It’s still a long year ahead and can’t worry about that until after I put the work in.

Who did you enjoy punching in the mouth the most?

Crawford: Ah man, Hank Lundy hands down! That was one guy that I really wanted to knock out. Yeah, I said something to him right after [the ref stopped it]. I’ll keep that between me and him — he knows what I said. He was real humble afterward and giving me my respect.

Buy the pay-per-view on Saturday night. It’s going to be a great night of boxing.

Crawford vs. Postol airs Saturday night July 23 on HBO pay-per-view at 9 p.m. ET.


That cover is awesome. Just a few hours after the release of Drake’s diss on French Montana’s “No Shopping,” Budden unleashes a near 6-minute retaliatory track he had in the chamber. While Drake painted Joe as someone who failed to succeed on the biggest stage, Budden uses “Afraid” to portray Drake an artist fearful of maintaining his status and creatively bankrupt. The narrative Budden crafts runs the full spectrum on Drake’s career low points, from the Blackberry freestyle incident and groupie simping to the Pusha T beef and last year’s ghostwriting fiasco.

In a way, this trilogy covers all angles you could think of to diss Drake. From Budden’s end, I think his work here is finished.


OVO Radio keeps the exclusives coming tonight with a remix to French Montana’s standout gem “Lockjaw.” This song has one of those beats where you’d have to be flat out terrible not to sound good over. Out of this trio, Gucci Mane wins best verse honors.


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CARDIFF, WALES — Guillermo Rigondeaux killed time this Saturday by breaking the jaw of an overmatched James Dickens for a second round corner stoppage at the Ice Arena.

Ridgondeaux fought at his usual measured pace. The punch output was low, but Rigondeaux controlled both rounds with excellent accuracy with the looping southpaw left. One of those shots in round two resulted in the apparent jaw fracture.

Dickens, who failed to land a significant punch, immediately let his corner know about the injury and retired.

Rigondeaux improves to 17-0 (11 KOs) with his seventh defense of the WBA super bantamweight title.