Drake’s appearance this evening on OVO Radio marked the debut of four new songs that will be a part of a December album named More Life. The most interesting tracks is “Two Birds One Stone,” which finds Drake finally responding to Pusha T and delivering a counter jab at Kid Cudi.

Concerning Pusha, the OVO leader calls into question the G.O.O.D. Music president’s supposed drug dealing past.

But really it’s you with all the drug dealer stories that’s gotta stop though
You made a couple chops and now you think you Chapo
If you ask me though you ain’t lining in the trunk with kilo’s
You bagging weed with all your niggas watching Pacino
Like “this is what we need to be on,” but never went live
You middle man in this shit, you were never those guys
I can tell cause I look most of you dead in the eyes
And you be trying to tell that story for the rest of your lives

Cudi, who recently included Drake in Twitter rant against Kanye West last month, was acknowledged by a slick reference using Cudi’s Man on the Moon album series.

My numbers are out of the world, no wonder they got me feeling so alienated
You were the man on the moon, now you go through your phases

Some have predicted this will be the extent of Drake’s “disses.” Over the summer, he failed to respond to several full-fledged diss records from Joe Budden in response to “No Shopping.” What makes this different is Pusha and Cudi have a larger mainstream platform. A Pusha response by Halloween would not be surprising.



Today, Stack Bundles would have celebrated his 34th birthday. In honor of the occasion, Stack’s family has unearthed an unreleased gem and album news that fans have been waiting for.

In honor of the late, great Stack Bundles’ birthday today, we’re proud to present an unreleased track of his: “Fuck You Want Me To Do?” The song, loaded with Stack’s brand of lyricism and Far Rockaway wit, is the first in a line of upcoming unreleased music, as we’re honored to finally announce his debut album “RockStar” is in the works and will be released in 2017. This time, the deal is done and it’s coming. To his fans worldwide, we apologize for the wait, but trust and believe the album he always wanted to make is in motion as we speak. More details on the way soon. RIP Rayquon “Stack Bundles” Elliott, we love you. Happy Birthday.


Hugh Jackman’s run as Wolverine looks to conclude with an emotional finale per the debut trailer for Logan (March 3). The film, taking place in 2024, shows a world where the majority of mutants have been decimated (including the X-Men). An aged Wolverine is pulled out of hiding by Professor X, who implores the Weapon X survivor to save a young mutant who bares striking similarity to him (two claws instead of three). They’ll face a government-sponsored group that has been turning young mutants into killing machines.

Watch the full trailer below.

Lyrics for Lyrics’ Sake: Eminem – “Campaign Speech”

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Eminem made a surprise drop today with an exercise in lyrical wizardly entitled “Campaign Speech.” Be forewarned, this will be a tough listen for those who aren’t big lyric/bar enthusiasts. With minimal production, Eminem delivers seven minutes of metaphors and frenetic word play. Per Eminem, this is just a warm-up for a new album.


What should a great piece of art do above all else? Inspire more great art. Solange is still basking in the glow of achieving her first #1 album with A Seat At The Table. Much attention has been paid to the project’s powerful song “Cranes In the Sky.” Today, the track inspired Common to add his own verse for this unofficial remix.

“Every once and a few years, there are certain songs that come out and have the sound of forever. “Cranes in the Sky” is that song for me,” Common told FADER. “Every time I listened to it, I keep wanting to hear it again and again. I started mumbling some words to it and then decided I want to write a verse. This is an un official remix simply inspired by the love of art. Check it out.”

Joe Budden – “I Gotta Ask” (Prod. by araabMUZIK)

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Just day before the date of their collaboration Rage & The Machine (October 21), Joe Budden and araabMUZIK drop the project’s third single “I Gotta Ask.”

“The beat immediately brought me to a very nostalgic place, it just felt good,” Budden told BET. “Hopefully, it’ll have that same effect when others hear it; I’d like for that to resonate.”



They say don’t meet your idols because it will end in disappointment. Supposedly, they’ll never meet the lofty expectations you have in your mind. That wasn’t the case last night at the TIDALx1015 concert that featured Nicki Minaj getting the chance to perform onstage with one of her idols in Lauryn Hill.

Afterward, a tearful Minaj bowed at Lauryn’s feet and expressed how much she loved her. With the media loving to play up generational divisiveness in Hip-Hop (Lil Yatchy is the latest example), it’s refreshing to see this type of humility and love in the culture.