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[Trailer] See Jamie Clayton’s Sinister Pinhead Transformation in Hulu’s ‘Hellraiser’

Greater delights await.

Jamie Clayton as Pinhead in Spyglass Media Group’s HELLRAISER, exclusively on Hulu. Photo courtesy of Spyglass Media Group. © 2022 Spyglass Media Group. All Rights Reserved.

Some puzzles aren’t meant to be solved. Next month, fans get to experience the hellish pleasures of the Cenobites with Hulu’s Hellraiser reboot.

This reimagining of Clive Barker’s 1987 classic introduces us to a drug-addicted young woman (Odessa A’zion) who acquires the ancient puzzle box. She unwittingly summons the Cenobite demons lead by a baleful, female version of Pinhead (Jamie Clayton).

While most Hellraiser installments focus on human backstories and the psychological torture they experience from Cenobite interactions, this version appears to spend considerable time on the puzzle box’s lore and different horrors contained in each chamber.

Those concerned about the story’s potential direction should find solace in the project being helmed by director David Bruckner and his writing team, who were responsible for 2020’s well-received psychological horror flick The Night House.

Hulu’s Hellraiser premieres Friday October 7.


  1. The OG Hellraiser was so wild, I don’t know if we needed this. I’m gonna wait and see what comes out when it comes out, and then decide on watching it. Gonna be hard to top the shock and awe the first one caused when it came out.

    1. Indeed, they’re opening themselves up to a huge backlash if this isn’t up to par. But I’m hopeful with the director they’ve chosen. The key for me is not trying to reinvent the wheel. Adn don’t be coy with the Cenobites! lol

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