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House of the Dragon S1.E6 Recap: Alicent’s Self-Righteousness vs. Rhaenyra’s Stupidity? Larys’ Checkmate Move!

Meet the first real villain of the series!

It only took half the season, but the first true villain of House of the Dragon has finally emerged. In our latest episode review, I discuss what makes Larys Strong so dangerous and the big divide between the adult versions of Alicent and Rhaenyra. The dicussion topics include:

  • How Rhaneyra’s recklessness with Harwin destroyed her chances to remain at King’s Landing
  • Why Laenor’s cavalier attitude is a monster Rhaenyra created
  • Larys making Alicent show that she’s truly reading for war
  • Who are the potential three rulers vying for the crown?

Make sure to check back with us all season every Monday for new House of the Dragon discussions.

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  1. The House of the Dragon time jump was jarring to me. It was a bold, almost egotistical move to think the audience would not be negatively impaired initially just trying to recalibrate, but it sounds like these are the folks we’ll now have from here on out. I think in retrospect it would have been nice to have the original (i.e. younger cast) finish out all of Season 1, or run right up to the end of the last episode and then introduce the time-jumped characters as a cliffhanger prior to Season 2. That to me would have been better than what occurred with this episode. The episode itself was fine. Just didn’t think they had to accelerate the action a decade.

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