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Don’t adjust your screens. This grainy footage is an atmospheric teaser look into the origin of the feral girl seen in the previous Logan trailers. Know as X-23 aka Laura Kinney in the comics, fans will be immediately pick up on the similarities to Logan’s experimentation in the Weapon X program.

Logan hits theaters on March 3.




Trey Songz is the latest artist to jump on the reality TV craze with a new series entitled Tremaine the Playboy. Taking its cue from The Bachelor and Flavor of Love, the show will have a bevy of IG models… excuse me… a bevy of ambitious young women vying for Trey’s attention. The show will be hosted by Draya Michele and Steelo Brim. If bad acting and fuckery are right up your alley, this looks to be your show.

Right now there isn’t a release date, but this is scheduled to run as a web series. More info will be released soon via


13 years after the end of season four, Samurai Jack fans can rejoice once again as the critically-acclaimed series will return for a fifth and final season March 11 on Cartoon Network.

Taking place 50 years later, we find Jack living a cursed nomadic existence since Aku destroyed every time portal. The side effect is that Jack no longer ages. And apparently, he has no issues using guns now.


After premiering two years ago at the Toronto Film Festival, the horror thriller The Blackcoat’s Daughter will finally reach a worldwide audience on March 31.

Directed by Oz Perkins and starring Emma Roberts, the film’s creepy trailer revolves around an ominous Catholic shool and a town with sinister secrets. The tense atmosphere reminds me of 2016’s The Witch, likely meaning the movie is a slow burn and heavy on psychological horror.

We’ll find out for sure on March 31.


The second season trailer for OWN Network’s acclaimed Greenleaf series finds the first family in crisis. Jacob (Lamman Rucker) has left his father Bishop James Greenleaf’s (Keith David) church in favor of rival Triumph Ministries. His mother, Lady Mae Greenleaf(Lynn Whitfield), struggles to make sense of the chaos within her family.

Other drama includes Grace “Gigi”Greenleaf (Merle Dandridge), who’s still at odds with her devious Uncle Mac (GregAlan Williams), falling for an investigative journalist (Rick Fox) who may or may not have ulterior motives.

Rounding out the trailer is Oprah returning in her guest role as Lady Mae’s sister and Gigi advisor Mavis McCready.

The second season starts Wednesday, March 15 at 10 p.m.



The young mutant X-23 pops her claws and shows off her brutal skills in the final trailer for the much-anticipated Logan. This trailer shows Logan’s value to her as a reluctant mentor hoping the quell her savagery, much like Wolverine had to do in the wake of escaping the Weapon X program.

The most interesting scene comes early when we see Logan and Professor X discussing an X-Men comic book. This signals to the viewer that the passage of time has reduced the superteam to myth status.

Logan hits theaters March 3.


Start off your Christmas Day with some terror via the new trailer for Alien: Covenant.

This sequel of sorts to Prometheus finds the crew of the colony ship Covenant bound for a remote planet they believe to be an undiscovered paradise. Instead, they find the horrifying Alien species and become locked in a battle for survival. The synthetic android David (Michael Fassbender), the sole survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition, inhabits the planet. Will he assist the humans or hasten their demise?

Other questions remain. Since David is an android, we have no idea how much time has passed since Prometheus. Is this place the home planet of the Engineers that David and Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) sought out at the end of the last film? And if so, what happened to rest of the Engineers?

The Ridley Scott-directed film hits theaters on May 19.