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Abel Sanchez on Canelo’s Insults: “That’s the child in him.”

Abel Sanchez responds to Canelo calling him a "dumbass."

After being called a “dumb-ass” and having his boxing IQ ridiculed by Canelo Alvarez earlier this week, Abel Sanchez is firing back when his own personal critiques.

The head trainer for Gennady Golovkin wasn’t surprised by Canelo’s insults, believing its been his M.O. during the buildup to the September 15 rematch.

“The insults have not come from our side,” Sanchez said yesterday during a media conference call. “The insults have come from them, and it’s an obvious insult to me. They’re the ones that are lowering themselves to doing that way. Have I gotten into his head to be able to respond to me like that? There’s no reason for it, but that’s the character that I’ve been talking about, the man.”

Sanchez has been the most vocal member between the camps. He accused Canelo of intentionally taking a banned substance which nixed the original May rematch date. Regarding the first fight, Sanchez has been adamant that Canelo ran and fought to survive.

Canelo has vowed to not only knock out Golovkin, but also not shake hands with him or any member of his camp after the rematch. While Sanchez is open to a cease-fire, he doubts Canelo has the emotional maturity to ever agree.

“Children act the way he’s acting now,” Sanchez observed. “Of course, I will make an effort to do it, but if he doesn’t want it, that’s okay. That’s the child in him.”

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