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Mase ft. Diddy x DJ Khaled – “Rap Rushmore”

More Murda Mase...


Looks like Murda is here to stay. A week after blitzing Cam’Ron on “The Oracle,” Mase is back to deliver some more hard-hitting rhymes on “Rap Rushmore.” For this salvo, the Harlemite recruits Diddy and DJ Khaled to serve as hypemen. You can’t come soft over the “UFO” sample and Mase more than upholds up his end. The scary part is I’d still consider this a “rusty” Mase that’s still getting acclimated. What if he sticks around and gives us a full mixtape?

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  1. I dont wanna see Ma$e messing too much with artists like Khaled and trying to get tracks and cool with the new generation, hopefully Ma$e keeps it NY dropping music for 28-40 year olds haha Always love hearing that sample too, reminds me of the classic BDK tune…

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