Cam’Ron Fires Back at Mase on “Dinner Time”

Posted: November 26, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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24 hours after Mase set the rap world on fire with “The Oracle,” Cam’Ron returns the favor with his Heatmakerz-produced diss “Dinner Time.”

Cam is known for his disrespect and continues that tradition in the opening bars.

I’m all for the jokes, bundle up, get your coat
But, I only go for the throat, I’ma chimney, I work the smoke
You done opened up a door, I’m petty, ready for war
I ain’t got a sister, only sister I fucked was yours

There are moments on the track where you get flashes of Cam’s vintage flow. However, the subpar mixing robs the lyrics of some of their potency, even when Cam goes in on Mase’s spiritual flip-flopping (Collection plate money in his pocket/ He’s a klepto/ And to get a dollar dollar/ He was sucking Creflo).

So far, most are giving round one to Mase. Listen and see if you agree.

  1. waterurseeds says:

    Im always hyped to hear Murda Ma$e drop heat, I was always a big fan and thought he could if been a GOAT, not too many rappers have invented/birthed a style but imo Mase did just that… I thought Cam’s ‘Its Killa’ was pretty dope and off a dope mixtape but daum, maybe its because its still fresh in my ears, but ‘The Oracle’ is one of my top diss tracks in recent memory haha

    Whereas this reply sounds like it was recorded in a wind tunnel… I agree with your opinion regarding the reply, to use an analogy, he threw some dope jabs but he smothered his own work with bad audio haha

    • Man, Mase absolutely smoked him. lol I hope we can get an entire mixtape with the “Murda” persona. He just dropped some more heat today…

      • waterurseeds says:

        Breda it seems M-A to the dollar sign E is back on his Murda schitt haha I saw that track this morning, I think we both agree hes got a bit of ring rust but Im hyped to see it looks like Murda Ma$e is back, then again when he dropped a couple dope tracks with G Unit I thought he was back though, so Im not sure how long he will still around for haha Hopefully we can atleast get a mixtape!

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