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Every day it’s looking more and more like the Cam’Ron was just the beginning. Earlier this week, Mase ventured to Philly to join the Cosmic Kev radio show and drops some bars over Jay Z’s “Do It Again” and Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter.” Pay close attention at the 3:55 mark and you’ll catch Mase throwing Free from 106 & Park under the bus (“BET week, Free f*cked me for fame…”). Dope freestyle, but keep it classy Mase!


Mase ft. Diddy x DJ Khaled – “Rap Rushmore”

Posted: December 5, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Looks like Murda is here to stay. A week after blitzing Cam’Ron on “The Oracle,” Mase is back to deliver some more hard-hitting rhymes on “Rap Rushmore.” For this salvo, the Harlemite recruits Diddy and DJ Khaled to serve as hypemen. You can’t come soft over the “UFO” sample and Mase more than upholds up his end. The scary part is I’d still consider this a “rusty” Mase that’s still getting acclimated. What if he sticks around and gives us a full mixtape?

Cam’Ron Fires Back at Mase on “Dinner Time”

Posted: November 26, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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24 hours after Mase set the rap world on fire with “The Oracle,” Cam’Ron returns the favor with his Heatmakerz-produced diss “Dinner Time.”

Cam is known for his disrespect and continues that tradition in the opening bars.

I’m all for the jokes, bundle up, get your coat
But, I only go for the throat, I’ma chimney, I work the smoke
You done opened up a door, I’m petty, ready for war
I ain’t got a sister, only sister I fucked was yours

There are moments on the track where you get flashes of Cam’s vintage flow. However, the subpar mixing robs the lyrics of some of their potency, even when Cam goes in on Mase’s spiritual flip-flopping (Collection plate money in his pocket/ He’s a klepto/ And to get a dollar dollar/ He was sucking Creflo).

So far, most are giving round one to Mase. Listen and see if you agree.


I let too much pass and I was gonna continue to let it pass but when somebody don’t stop—I had to just spank him one time.

It was really the point when Cam’ron said he had to kill me. I let a lot of things slide, but when you start getting to the body harm aspect of it, I can’t let that slide. That’s really all it’s about. – Mase

Beefing with friends who know where the bodies are buried is always a bad idea. The latest example came with the expected scorched earth diss track from Mase, who went for Cam’Ron’s jugular on “The Oracle.”

Longtime fans know Cam and Mase have been at odds for nearly 20 years, starting with a professional falling out when Mase declined to appear in the video for their “House & Carriage” collaboration. Since then, Cam has had no issues dissing his former friend on wax, starting with “Take Em to Church” and last week’s mixtape track “It’s Killa.” Over Jay Z’s “Blueprint 2,” Mase unleashes four minutes of fury sans a look. The lines come effortlessly and alternate between career and personal jabs at Cam’s alleged shady character.

And everybody seen the footage I got
Every since 10 you was a thirsty nigga
I ain’t gone talk about the time you fucked your sister
In 2002 you lost 50 pounds, ulcers in your liver
And now you tryna sell niggas liquor, NIGGA
You always play the sucker part
Where was all that Rico shit when you left Jim in Rucker Park?

The full breakdown, provided by Mase himself, is provided via Rap Genius. What makes the diss so potent is that instead of a slow build, we get hard-hitting lines out the gate (Imagine 20 years with a bitter bitch and the same drama/Dame told you do this shit and you don’t see Dame karma?) and stays on the level until the final bars (You’ll always be my bitch you got my fucking name tatted on you).

IG Live stories and jokes won’t cut it this time. Cam has to come back with some serious bars. He’s on the clock…


UPDATE: Cam posted this snippet of his diss produced by The Heatmakerz



Tonight and tomorrow, The Bad Boy Reunion tours kick off at the Barclays Center. This morning, Diddy was joined by his Bad Boy family and offered a free nationwide preview for fans. The Lox, Lil Kim, 112, Mase, French Montana and even Busta Rhymes got in on the action. Whatever you think of Diddy, the man is the epitome of Hip-Hop longevity.

Murda Mase Returns on “WhenNYWasNY”

Posted: August 11, 2015 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Mase discards his pulpit robes for a different form of pontificating on “WhenNYWasNY.” Using a bit of trolling via the “California Love” instrumental, Mase gains some real steam as the track goes along. Spiritual hypocrisy aside, the man could still go with the right production. Unfortunately, too many false starts have likely closed the door on a high level comeback.


“Supreme” gets an all-star remix with Krit, Mase, and Fabolous joining the opulent track. Everybody comes correct.