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Yes Rihanna, loving to see you naked is a given. The Bajan beauty looks stunning in these new visuals for DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts.” Older fans will get memories of Santana’s “Maria Maria” when those guitar licks come in. This song is featured on Khaled (and Asahd’s) upcoming album Grateful.



With son Asahd working hard in the director’s seat, DJ Khaled invites an all-star cast to his mansion to celebrate success and their blessings in “I’m the One.” The catchy melody goes perfect with Bieber’s light vocals and the emcees maintain a carefree mode in spite of a few raunchy lines. Don’t be surprised if this crosses over to pop radio and dominates into the summer months.

DJ Khaled ft. Beyonce x Jay Z – “Shining”

Posted: February 13, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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How’s this for some Monday Motivation? DJ Khaled recruits Beyonce and Jay Z to celebrate a culture of winning on “Shining.” With the upbeat tempo and Bey’s rap inflections, you’ll be hard-pressed not end up nodding your head and singing along with the chorus. Take note at some of the Drake shots on this one (“A fella can’t make me fancy,” “I know you ain’t out here talking summers, right?,” “Saying boss shit when you’re a runner, right?”).


The video for DJ Khaled’s “Nas Album Done” is here in all its cinematic glory. From the over the top opening intro with Khaled and Ox from Belly fame, the video has the epic feel appropriate for Nas’ return. Too often these days, we treat our Hip-Hop legends as afterthoughts and don’t appreciate the honor it is to still have them with and performing at a high level. I’m glad to see Khaled doesn’t have that issue.

“Nas Album Done” is featured on Khaled’s latest album Major Key.


Welcome home, Remy! Literally 24 hours after being released from a seven year prison stint, Remy Ma is already feeding the streets with this remix of Khaled’s “They Don’t Love You No More.” Remy’s lyrics makes it clears that she’s gunning to become the game’s best female rapper. That spot is currently held by Ms. Minaj. However, Remy’s grittier sound would be a perfect alternative for those put off by Nicki’s pop leanings. It’s still early, but we should feel optimistic about Remy’s return.



No rapper publicity stunt is complete without new music. Roughly a week after publicly proposing to Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled drops this not so subtle track, with ironically includes Ms. Minaj. The track isn’t memorable, put it’ll serve the purpose of keeping this creepy infatuation a topic of conversation at least a few more days.




From ’95 through now, DJ Khaled has been rocking with Cash Money. Well, not really, but you’ll get the theme of sticking with the people who brought you success from this new video for “No New Friends.” The clip also features the infamous outfit and pose that inspired so many Drake memes earlier this month. “No New Friends” will be included on Khaled’s upcoming album Suffering From Success.