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Welcome home, Remy! Literally 24 hours after being released from a seven year prison stint, Remy Ma is already feeding the streets with this remix of Khaled’s “They Don’t Love You No More.” Remy’s lyrics makes it clears that she’s gunning to become the game’s best female rapper. That spot is currently held by Ms. Minaj. However,¬†Remy’s grittier sound would be a perfect alternative for those put off by Nicki’s pop leanings. It’s still early, but we should feel optimistic about Remy’s return.



No rapper publicity stunt is complete without new music. Roughly a week after publicly proposing to Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled drops this not so subtle track, with ironically includes Ms. Minaj. The track isn’t memorable, put it’ll serve the purpose of keeping this creepy infatuation a topic of conversation at least a few more days.




From ’95 through now, DJ Khaled has been rocking with Cash Money. Well, not really, but you’ll get the¬†theme of sticking with the people who brought you success from this new video for “No New Friends.” The clip also features the infamous outfit and pose that inspired so many Drake memes earlier this month. “No New Friends” will be included on Khaled’s upcoming album Suffering From Success.


A better title for this track is “Drake and friends” since Drizzy’s blueprint is all over these proceedings. Drake handles the chorus and provides the best verse as well. Wayne sounds like he’s still shaking off the effects of his recent health scare, Ross is merely serviceable, and Future is thrown in randomly in the closing minute. Not an immediate smash guest spot like Drake did for Khaled with “I’m On One” a few years back, but this is still solid.


DJ Khaled wisely eliminates his usual bombastic¬†adlibs¬†for this somber ode to the unforgiving mistress that is Hip-Hop culture. Both Scarface and Nas use personification to paint Hip-Hop as a woman they’re still struggling to love. Nas’ verse is a little craftier as he incorporates¬†media outlets¬†like The Source, WorldStarHipHop¬†and Vibe to enrich his point while Scarface utilizes heavier emotion in his voice to translate the¬†pain of his¬†rollercoaster love affair with Hip-Hop. This track will be included on Khaled’s Kiss the Ring album, due out August 21.




You might as well call this track “Niggas¬†In Paris (Extended Mix).” “Theraflu” has the same bounce thump of the signature Throne single and Ye pretty much retains the same rich asshole persona. There’s some real slick lines here. Amber Rose is still on his mind (“The whole industry wants to fuck your old chick…”) and he acknowledges her fianc√©e¬†with a surprise compliment (“Only nigga¬†I got respect for is Wiz”). Another past flame, Kim Kardashian, is name-dropped with West admitting his love for her was shunned¬†due¬†to her¬†Kris Humphries engagement. Humorously,¬†Humphries doesn’t get the favorable bar that Wiz received (“Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team…”).

The best thing about this song? DJ Khaled keeps his ablibs confined to the beginning.


Nasir¬†Jones brought his 38th birthday in with style last night with a¬†small circle¬†of celebrities at New York City’s Catch. Former rival Jay-Z showed up to show support, which hopefully is a good indicator we’ll get some more collaborations from them. Other celebrities included Steve Stoute, Common, Ne-Yo,¬†DJ Khaled, Zoe Saldana, Tyson Beckford and AZ. On¬†Twitter, Premier said he¬†and Nas spoke extensively on a plan for the new album. Overall it looked like a nice, low-key celebration.