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[Video] One-Punch Destruction: Canelo Puts Khan to Sleep in the Sixth

All Canelo needed was one punch.



Photo Credit: Hogan Photos

Amir Khan needed to deliver a perfect fight. He couldn’t afford any mistakes. There could not be one second of indecision.

All Canelo needed was one punch.

After struggling for several rounds to time Khan, Canelo delivered the frontrunner for KO of the year with a massive straight right that separated Khan from consciousness. A count was not necessary.

Through the first four rounds, Khan did a great job turning Canelo and using his speed to keep the middleweight champion at bay. But as the fight went into the fourth and fifth, Canelo was getting in hard left hooks and disrupting Khan’s movement with body shots.

This forced Khan to linger too long in the danger zone. A moment of indecision allowed Canelo’s the space he needed to end matters.

More from Vegas as the night progresses.



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