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[Video] Peterson Rebounds with Decisive Jean Win, Charlo Dominates Rosado

Lamont Peterson posts an impressive win and returns to the 140-pound unification picture...

I knew that this was his [Jean’s] first title fight and this is a big stage.  I knew regardless of what he said he would have some type of nerves.  At the end of the day I was in shape and I was able to hold the rounds.  I would like to be considered the best 140-pound fighter in the world before I leave [the division].  If it means Danny Garcia is next then that’s what it is. – LAMONT PETERSON

003 Peterson vs Jean victory IMG_5102

Photo CreditsTom Casino/SHOWTIME

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Lamont Peterson resurrected his career and put himself back in the junior welterweight unification picture with an impressive win over Dierry Jean last night at the DC Amory. Known for his “slow starts,” Peterson modified that scouting report behind a good jab and countering to keep Jean at bay in the opening rounds. Peterson started to assert control in the middle rounds behind his superior strength. He promised he would be the boss in there and he did that for the majority of the contest.

UNABLE TO HURT HIM: If you can’t hurt Lamont Peterson, you’re in for a long night. Although he was the smaller fighter, I favored Jean because I thought he had enough power to put some doubt in Peterson’s head and return him to the nightmare evening that he had against Lucas Matthysse. Instead, Peterson took Jean’s best shots, sometimes dropping his hands and relying on head movement to evade dangerous power shots. Peterson isn’t the best at doing that, so he gotcracked a few times. However, it seemed like Peterson was deliberately doing this to answer two big questions. One, he wanted to see if he could handle a good punch after the Matthysse KO. And two, he sought to demoralize Jean.

001 Peterson vs Jean IMG_4962

THE BULLY: Once it became established that Jean punches weren’t effective enough to move Peterson back, the fight took on the appearance of a man fighting a boy. Peterson bullied Jean to the ropes with digging left hooks to the body. He added embarrassment to Jean’s plight by mixing in bolo shots, much to the delight on his hometown crowd.



BARRY HUNTER KEEPS HIM FOCUSED: Peterson’s trainer Barry Hunter realized that his fighter was getting too caught up in the crowd and putting on the show, so he literally slapped him back to reality before the championship rounds. Peterson heeded these words and ceased giving Jean open opportunities.



PETERSON VS. GARCIA, ANYONE?: Should Danny Garcia remain at junior welterweight, this is a natural fight to make. I have no doubt that Peterson would get stung early on by a Danny “Swift” left hook. But, I’m not convinced Garcia can keep him down. In addition, most guys have not been able to make Garcia fight an inside fight, which is where Peterson could have a lot of success. These are two guys with great left hooks; let’s see who gets theirs in first.



005 Charlo vs Rosado IMG_3816

ROSADO CUT BAD AGAIN IN CHARLO DEFEAT: If you read my “Sink or Swim 2013 Wrap-Up” piece a few weeks back, you already knew I didn’t like this fight for Rosado. Yes, it was a good matchup for both and an intriguing test for young Jermell Charlo, but nothing sans maybe the paycheck helped Gabe. First, the fight was coming a little less that three months after he suffered a horrific cut in a TKO loss to Peter Quillin. Secondly, Rosado was going to likely come in weaker being that he had to boil down to middleweight after spending the last year building his body up to 160.

Those factors played a big role in his loss last night. Although it was head butt that opened the pouring left eye cut this time, the area was softened up by Charlo’s stiff left jab. He targeted the area from round one and by the third it looked like a ripe tomato. Rosado also didn’t have the snap on his punches that we saw in the Quillin fight. Outside of a good rally in the eighth, Charlo didn’t have much problems with his power.

Rosado has made good money over the last year, but going winless in his last four probably ensures the next time we’ll see him is on a Fox Sports or ESPN level. If he wants to stay at 154, a fight with “K9” Bundrage could do some decent business. As for Charlo, I see potential matchups against guys like Ishe Smith and Austin Trout.


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