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Power Book II Ep. 308 Recap: Saxe Exposed, Tariq Outsmarts the Opps? Cane Finally Hits a Goal

The scheming and backdealing has finally caught up to Cooper Saxe. After nearly 100 episodes, the shifty lawyer met an unglorious end at the hands of Davis McClean’s unstable brother. Now, the fallout begins.

In our latest episode recap, we cover the following new developments:

  • The ramifications of Saxe’s murder
  • Will Jenny get revenge and will Lauren feel guilty?
  • Cane-Effie-Tariq drama
  • Will we get a full-fledged Castillo-Trejada war

Additional topics include RSJ blackmailing Weston Holdings, Harper trying to reform Tate and more. Make sure to stay locked to the BeatsBoxingMayhem YouTube page as new episode recaps will post every Friday following new episodes.

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