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FROM’s Harold Perrineau Talks Boyd’s S2 Connection to Sara and One Town Mystery He Wants Revealed

Boyd (Harold Perrineau) and Sara (Avery Konrad)

Sunday’s episode 203 of FROM marked the season 2 return of Sara (Avery Konrad), the young woman guilty of fratricide and also the deaths of several other townspeople in season 1. Her return to the scene of her horrific crimes will undoubtedly complicate Boyd Stevens’ (Harold Perrineau) mission to find an escape from this sci-fi nightmare. In this exclusive interview with BeatsBoxingMayhem, Perrineau discusses why empathy for Sara is key to the town’s liberation.

In it’s two seasons, FROM has spotlighted how the predatory Night Creatures debilitates the townspeople’s mental health. Perrineau’s character carries the guilt of having to kill his own wife Abby to halt her mass shooting spree. When evaluating how Sara was targeted by unknown voices promising safety in exchange for human sacrifices, Perrineau cautions against concluding Boyd’s grace for Sara extends from unresolved emotions from Abby’s death.

“I actually don’t think so but I can see how people would ask that question,” said Perrineau to BeatsBoxingMayhem. “I even think some of the characters in the show ask that same question as the season goes on.

“I actually think what’s happening with Sarah and Boyd is something that’s come from this journey that they went on together. I think through this journey he got to see like ‘Hey this is just a kid and something is happening to this kid that none of us understand.’ She’s not an evil person [but] she’s done terrible things…”

Prior to episode 203, Sara was last seen pushing Boyd into a tree trunk which magically teleported him to a well. For Perrineau, finding out if Sara experienced a similar phenomenon and if she obtained more town mystery insigh is reason enough to keep her close.

“And by the time we get to the end [of season 1], she pushes him in a tree that transports him somewhere else?! We gotta keep her around,” Perrineau laughed. “I don’t know what the deal is [but] this is really happening with her and my best opportunity to try and figure out how to get us out of here is to keep all the clues as close to me as I can. Even if that means people are going to hate me for that.”

Watch the full interview below where Perrineau details the changes in Boyd’s leadership style and the main mystery he hopes to see revealed this season. FROM airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET through June 25.

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