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[Trailer] Gran Turismo Spotlights an Improbable Gamer to Professional Racing Journey

The poewrhouse Playstation Studio series gets a summer release date.

The Playstation Studios racing series Gran Turismo has released the debut trailer starring Archie Madekwe, Djimon Hounsou and Orlando Bloom ahead of its summer release.

Based on the true story of Janne Mardenborough, the film presents itself as the “ultimate wish fulfullment tale” documenting the journey of a teenage Gran Turismo player (Archie Madekwe) making the transition into professional racing. During this challenging journey, the teenager must gain the support of his skeptical father (Hounsou) and a disciplinarian racecar trainer (David Harbour). Orlando Bloom plays a lucrative sponsor who urges Madekwe to push forward with his dream.

Gran Turismo is directed by Neil Blomkamp with screenplay duties handled by Jason Hall and Zach Baylin. The film hits theaters exclusively on August 11.

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