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Power Ghost Ep. 304 Recap: Monet Solves a Problem, Cane Dirty Macks, Which Tejada Will Die?

Monet eliminates one problem and discovers another.

Explosive secrets are slowly being unraveled in episode 304 (“The Land of Opportunity”) of Power: Ghost.

Monet Tejada has eliminated one headache in Detective Whitman, but now has her world turned upside by the knowledge Lorenzo may have been involved in Zeke’s murder. Effie reveals her crime exit plan to Tariq, who appears to be on board. But what happens to their relationship when the truth of Lauren’s disappearance is exposed?

Other hot-button we discuss are:

  • Why Diana and Monet may be the first Tejada’s to die
  • Cane continued plotting on Effie
  • Saxe manuevering into Jenny and Blanca’s RICO case
  • RSJ’s potential influence on Tariq
  • Lauren’s revenge timeline

Check out the full recap below and follow the BeatsBoxingMayhem Youtube page for new reviews every Friday following the midnight episode premieres.

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