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[Video] Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj Bring Sensual Nobility on “Princess Diana (Remix)”

Princess and the Queen have arrived

Ice Spice usually supplies all the curves and thickness, but this time she has ample assistance in the form of Nicki Minaj for the official “Princess Diana” remix.

Produced by RiotUSA, Nicki easily slides into the NY drill flow and adlibs to keep her verse lock step with Spice’s original before attacking the beat with a few rapid-fire bars to close.

Like grrah, keep it a stack
Bitches is ass if we keepin’ it crack
Bad little redhead, she ’bout to black
We come out, it’s a movie, but we don’t do BAP (Woo)
Live from London, straight from the palace
Man dem ah gyalis ah text us like Dallas
Keep it a bean, yo
He talk nice ’cause the pussy game mean, ho (I knew it)

Visually, the pair are flawless so it might take a second watch to even bother with what they’re saying. This remix follows up Ice Spice’s debut EP Like..?

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