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[Video] Michael B. Jordan on Real Punches with ‘Creed III’ Co-Star Jonathan Majors: “We were going at it…”

Star actor and newly turned director Michael B. Jordan was focused on the importance of assertive confidence when reflecting on Creed III journey.

Despite a viral encounter with a former teasing classmate on the Atlanta red carpet for Creed III, Jordan stressed the importance of his Newark, New Jersey education as a graduate of Arts High School.

“Since we come from the inner city, the importance of them are crucial,” Jordan told BeatsBoxingMayhem on the same Creed III Atlanta red carpet premiere. “Everything has room for improvement [and] things to be updated. There’s a lot of old systems in place. But coming from the inner city I’m a product of my environment in the best way possible.”

Prior to this third entry, Jordan express interest in having more real-life boxers enter the Creed universe like Deontay Wilder. And with this film referencing seminal bouts like the Rumble in the Jungle, Jordan spoke on what his character’s mentality would be like facing champions like Tyson Fury and Wilder.

“I feel like a boxer will always think he’s gonna win,” Jordan reflected. “[Adonis] can’t go into the ring second-guessing himself thinking someone else is going to win. So Adonis Creed in his mind is thinking he’s going to win every fight.”

Co-star Jonathan Majors has referenced the importance of aligning his mentality with legendary fighters like Marvin Hagler and Tommy Hearns to pull off his character Damian Anderson’s unique hybrid fighting style. Jordan knows well the importance of physicality in the Creed series — during the first film, Jordan revealed to being legit stunned by a punch delivered from co-star and former champion Tony Bellew. Jordan made sure to continue that tradition with Majors.

“It’s a part of Rocky and Creed giving and taking those real punches,” said Jordan with a smile. “It’s one of the reasons that makes these films so special. Me and Jonathan, we were going at it in the best way possible. It worked out for the best.”

Creed III is in theaters March 3.

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