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‘The Questions: Hip-Hop Trivia’ Brings Fun and Education to Celebrate the Culture’s 50th Milestone

Test and refine your hip-hop knowledge.

As 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, the culture remains vibrant and thriving. One marker of the genre has been its competitiveness amongst artists. Now that can extend further to fans with the new card game The Questions: Hip-Hop Trivia, which tests players’ knowledge of hip-hop’s influence across TV/film, sports, fashion, live events and milestone headlines.

The game provides a prodigious 300 questions across eight categories: Diggin’ in the Crates (samples, beats, producers), Burn Hollywood Burn (hip-hop on the big and small screens), Link and Build (memorable collaborations), Liner Note Life (inside the albums), Big Moves (business deal, accolades etc.), Check the Rhyme (lyric-based questions), What’s My Motherfuckin’ Name? (put some respect on their names), and Rap Life (rapper-related questions).

Whether playing in groups or one one one, the goal is to collect two cards from each category (16 total). To start each turn, players pick their category. A person from the opposing side asks the question. If answered correctly, the player keeps the card. An incorrect answer allows the opposing side to select their own category for a chance to answer a question.

The “wild cards” (four hidden throughout the deck) are where the game gets interesting. They fall into these categories:

  • Run the Jewels – Take one card from your opponent
  • Stakes is High – Draw another question from the same category. A correct answer allows you to steal a card from your opponent. An incorrect response allows them to do the same
  • Top Five Dead or Alive – Have an opponent write down their top five MCs. Guess every person on their list. Each correct answer earns a card
  • Give Up the Goods or Get Sprayed – Perform an entire rap verse of your choosing to earn this card as a substitute from any category you’re missing.

The last wild card is where the most fun and humbling experiences are had in group settings. Humming along to your favorite song for years is one thing. Being able to recite it verbatim AND with a competent flow is a whole ‘nother animal. This writer knows it firsthand after attempting a flawless performance of Nas’ classic verse from “Verbal Intercouse” to mixed results.

The Questions is the brainchild of Sean Kantrowitz, a musician and producer who’s worked on Grammy-nominated projects with Dr. Dre, Sia, Kelly Clarkson, and Rhymesayers Entertainment. In a previous incarnation as a livestream show and podcast, The Questions had more than 100 guests including Just Blaze, Bun B, Questlove, Warren G, Del the Funky Homosapien and others.

The trivia questions run the gamut of hip-hop’s 70s origins to even recent stars like Megan thee Stallion. Older millennials will immediately note there’s a sweet spot for them as their knowledge, in theory, should straddle neatly between old and new school sensibilities. However, younger fans who know their history can hold a distinct advantage with post 2010 content. Below are samples of the multiple choice questions:

The Questions: Hip-Hop Trivia is distributed by Clarkson Potter and available for $25 wherever your favorite games are sold.

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