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[Interview] Quatavious Cash Locks in 6/11 ATL Return and Shines Spotlight on Ammo Williams Fight Controversy

Quatavious Cash lays out comeback plans after controversial Ammo Williams bout.

Quatavious Cash has every reason to be disallusioned with boxing. In his last bout, a potential career-altering contest against hot prospect Austin “Ammo” Williams, Cash handily won the first round before getting stunned by a straight right in round two. Both fighters clinched and fell awkwardly as the referee shockingly called off the bout.

A bitter, controversial loss like that can mentally break a fighter but not Cash, a man whose overcame long layoffs from contract disputes, the sudden loss of his mother from lung disease , and even getting shot in a street dispute. That inner resolve has motivated Cash to launch a return in his Atlanta hometown June 11th at Center Stage against Jeyson Minda.

Now a Las Vegas resident, Cash sits down with BeatsBoxingMayhem to discuss not succumbing to the mental “trap fight” of this comeback bout, behind the scenes incompetence with the “Ammo” Williams stoppage, and how he’s successfully navigating the landmines of boxing politics as a free agent.

On “Ammo” Williams stoppage

… walking back to the dressing room, he [referee Raul Caiz Jr] said “I thought you were out, I’m sorry.”

I said, “You can’t say that. That’s like a cop saying ‘I thought that kid had a gun’ and killed him. You gotta know. It’s your job to know!”

The doctor tapped me on the back of the shoulder and said, “I’m sorry that happened to you, just wait here for your check.”

On Mentally Bouncing Back from Controversial Losses, Getting Shot and Leaving the Streets

It’s the reason I’m in Vegas. My mother had a lung disease, pulmonary fibrorsis. After I got shot it was like one foot in the streets, one in the boxing gym. I wasn’t really training the way I wanted to know. And she told me I was going to get killed in Atlanta if I didn’t move. So she kind of forced me out of Atlanta.

When I got out here I was still not working and she stopped paying for her medicine so I could stay in Vegas to fulfill my dream. So I gotta be out here. I cannot quit boxing now — I have to give it my all.

Watch the full interview below.

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