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[Video] Harold Perrineau Talks ‘From’ Season Finale, Season 2 Theories, Spence vs. Crawford and Hip Hop Top 5

The 'From' star talks exclusively with us on the season finale and his own show theories!
Harold Perrineau/ From: 105

SPOILER ALERT: This article and video discusses events from the season 1 finale of “From.”

Harold Perrineau is just as confused as viewers following last night’s season finale of Epix’s From. His character and the show’s lead protagonist, Boyd Stevens, finds himself trapped and alone after seemingly finding shelter with Sara in a hollowed tree. This was just after the new revelations about the mysterious town, such as the existence of a functioning lighthouse, where the Night Creatures live , and the arrival of a bus with new, unseen residents.

Perrineau sat down with BeatsBoxingMayhem to reflect on Boyd’s growth as a leader since episode one, his newfound trust of Sara and his own personal theories on what the hell is going on. He also gives us personal Top 5 Hip Hop artists, favorite boxers and what will happen with Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford finally clash in the ring.

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