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[Video] Epix’s ‘Billy the Kid’ Cast Talk Outlaw Celebrity, Gunslinger Friendships, and Womanhood in Debut Season

The cast of 'Billy the Kid' deconstruct their new Epix series.

The cast of Epix’s new series Billy the Kid sat down with BeatsBoxingMayhem to discuss the show’s unique take on the iconic outlaw’s complex moral code (played by Tom Blyth), tension-filled friendship with fellow outlaw Jesse Evans (Daniel Webber), and the influence of his mother Kathleen McCarty (Eileen O’Higgins).

Last night’s series debut introduced us to the Kid’s harsh immigrant upbringing in New York City and the Old West, leading to his antagonism with the authoritative figures and institutions that exploited his family. These scenes bring us later to a fully grown, outlaw Billy with his own moral code of violence despite bounty hunters on his tail. The show’s star, Tom Blyth, explains:

There’s a real benefit to this being an eight-part series instead of a movie. We get to dig into what he was like as a boy before the trauma made him into this killer. What is unique about this show and what I think will resonate with people is getting to see a young man slowly get turned into something he never intended to become. I don’t think anyone is born bad. People have trauma they experience and they grow hardened… He was born into a violent world and realized at a certain point that violence was how he had to meet the violence he was faced with. For me, it’s a beautiful thing to watch this person trying to fight the system he was faced with.

Tom Blyth on Billy the Kid role

Watch below as Blyth and co-stars Eileen O’Higgins and Daniel Webber further discuss their roles and what to expect throughout season one. Billy the Kid airs Sunday at 10pm ET with the first three episodes available now On Demand.

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