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Errol Spence Faces DWI Charge, Makes First Statement Since Hospital Release

Spence to face DWI charge for accident.


Errol Spence Jr. took to social media to express his gratefulness at walking away from his one-car crash with no broken bones, but the unified welterweight champion will now face a DWI charge from the incident.

Spence posted this now-deleted message to his Instagram account mere hours before police announced the charge for driving while intoxicated. Because the accident only involved his vehicle, Spence will not face any additional charges.



Remember a few days ago when everyone was calling this a wakeup call for Spence and how this will hopefully spur him to make better decisions? We forgot to acknowledge the other possible scenario. Walking away from that car-flip with minimal injuries could give him a feeling of invincibility and lead to continued reckless behavior.

While it’s beyond cliched to hear someone state boxing is mostly a mental game, Spence’s current predicament is the latest example of how true the mantra is. His talent in-ring isn’t in question, but whether Spence reaches his full potential now clearly hinges on how well he can control his vices.




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