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Rick Ross and Drake Maintain Chemistry on ‘Port of Miami 2’ Lead Single “Gold Roses”

Ross and Drake still have that chemistry...


Rick Ross has enjoyed his strongest buzz in years with the announcement of Port of Miami 2. Today, the MMG boss has unveiled the project’s first official single with the Drake-assisted “Gold Roses.”

Clocking in close to six minutes, this one doesn’t immediately hit you like the decadent ambiance that is “Aston Martin Music,” or the urgent flows heard on “Free Spirit.” “Gold Roses” is more a slow burn, highlighted by a muddled melody and vocal effects.

At first, Drake sounds disinterested when rhyming about his seemingly endless romantic issues (Do you love me or love seekin’ attention, I mean which one is it?/ You keep callin’ me ya twin, but twins ain’t this different…). But things pick up when he opens up sly wordplay about Kevin Durant’s recent injury.

All smiles, Kevin Durant trials
Had to blow it on the court, I must have blew a milli’
I’m walkin’ on all charges, that’s my new Achilles
I¬†know they love to rock a check, but who gon’ do it really? Really?

Ross’s two verses are more in theme with the chorus, which ponders whether their achievements will be appreciated before death. At times, we get glimpses beyond the rap persona to Ross’s insecurities, leading to bars like below:

I was nominated, never won a Grammy
But I understand, they’ll never understand me
Lot of lives lost, but I never panicked
Lot of lines crossed, I never did a Xanny
A hundred room mansion but I felt abandoned
Love makin’ love, but where will love land me?

Port of Miami 2 is set to drop on August 9.

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