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Drake is back with another UK freestyle courtesy of the BBC Radio’s “Fire in the Booth” series. Following a bombastic two-minute intro from Charlie Slouth, Drake supplies a few minutes of luxurious bars over smooth production. Speaking of Charlie, he’s a bit too hype next to Drizzy’s laid-back approach. Where will the Drake freestyle tour pop up next?



We might just get that Surgical Summer. Although still riding high on the first week sales of Scorpion, Drake has more tunes to offer via this freestyle for UK’s LinkUp TV. The faux accent will no doubt annoy some, but Drake’s love for the UK Drill scene is well-known. The Kanye shots are clear on this one:

Y’all droppin some shit, but that was a bust, They got no direction in following us / I come from a city that they never touch, Your man is a goofy & he can get brushed / I can’t name a Rapper or girl that I trust, I dream about turning these Yutes into Dust….”

In the later verse, he get another jab regarding the work he did with Kanye during the Wyoming excursion. (They wanna link when they got no chunes [sic] they too worried bout selling out shoes.)

I know what you’re thinking — why the continued Kanye attention when Pusha is the one who destroyed him? Short answer is he’s the easier target. Pusha has already declared his thoughts on that strategy (“How dare you put Ye in my verses?/I’m selfish, I want all of the curses…”), leaving us left to wonder how long before the cold war is broken and Surgical Summer recommences.


How’s this for a high school reunion glowup? Drake reunites with the cast from Degrassi: The Next Generation for a hilarious rendition of “I’m Upset.” There’s a lot of tongue-in-cheek moments for those who grew up on the show, most notably Drake’s entourage chasing the kid who shot and paralyzed him. Jay and Silent Bob also make their presence known (these two must be immortal!).

Drake also took this occasion to unveil the cover art and release date for Scorpion (June 29). This is the first musical output from Drake since receiving a lyrical spanking from Pusha T two weeks ago. Although the beef is allegedly squashed, it’ll be interesting to hear if Drake will address any of the accusations on the new project.


Although the beef with Pusha T is still sizzling courtesy of the “Duppy Freestyle,” Drake’s decided to use the publicity to put eyes on his official first single for Scorpion.

Much like the approach taken with “Started From the Bottom,” the lyrical skill is stripped down on “I’m Upset” in favor of a simplistic but catchy rhythm. It’s in the vein of the Soundcloud rap you hear these days and fits the vibin’ out/recharge moments one will experience after stepping off the dance floor.

Some might feel the quality isn’t first single material, but admittedly we might be listening with more discerning ears since this follows “Duppy.”


There’s no malice in your heart/You’re an approachable dude

Not even a full day after getting dissed on Pusha T’s “Infra Red,” Drake has dropped an entire response record entitled “Duppy Freestyle.”

Fans know these two have been verbally sparring for years, but this time it feels different on Drake’s part. The Toronto superstar usually plays it cool on his disses, but here he sounds absolutely fed up. There’s no setup verses or long-form punchlines — every bar is direct and hard-hitting. He touches on everything from Pusha’s repetitious coke rhymes to his status in the GOOD Music hierarchy:

There’s no malice in your heart, you’re an approachable dude
Man, you might’ve sold the college kids for Nikes and Mercedes
But, you act like you sold drugs for Escobar in the ‘80s

You not even top 5 as far as your label talent goes
You send shots, well, I got to challenge those
But I bring Calicos to the Alamo
I could never have a Virgil in my circle and hold him back ‘cause he makes me nervous

I really shouldn’t have given you none of my time
‘Cause you older than the nigga you running behind
Look, holla at me when you multi-million
I told you keep playing with my name and I’ma let it ring on you
Like Virginia Williams
I’m too resilient, get out your feelings
It’s gonna be a cruel summer for you
I told Weezy and Baby “I’ma done him for you”
Tell ‘Ye we got a invoice coming to you
Considering that we just sold another 20 for you

Pusha must have been waiting on this because he’s already plugged the track on Twitter. Will we get a Pusha response sometime this weekend? Does Pusha have another “Exodus 23:1” in him? Stay tuned.


What do you get when you mix Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” and New Orleans bounce music? You get Drake’s “Nice for What,” an uptempo celebration of all things women. Littered with numerous celebrity appearances from the likes of Issa Rae, Tiffany Haddish, Letitia Wright and others, the lyrics chronicle women handling business in all aspects of life. Whether it’s holding court within a corporate meeting, partying with homegirls, or pulling up on a hater, the persistent message is all these women are living in their truth without apologies.

The only thing missing from these visuals was Ms. Hill herself.


Who says the young guys don’t appreciate their music history? The Migos and Drake pay homage to Soul Train with their new video for “Walk It Talk.” This is one of those tracks where a good, fun video really goes a long way to enhance its appeal. And as much flack as some modern emcees gets for their fashion choices, this is a good reminder they’d fit right in during the 70s and early 80s.