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[Video] The Marathon Continues – Nipsey Hussle Makes His Final Appearance in DJ Khaled and John Legend’s “Higher”

The Marathon Continues...


The spirit of Nipsey Hussle lives on in these bittersweet visuals for DJ Khaled’s “Higher.” It’s fitting that Nip’s final video appearance is for a track centered around the hustler’s ambition to do greater and better things (“Starting to see this life shit from a bird’s view/ We the ones that made millions off the curb, fool/ In this rap shit ten, never made nerd moves…“).

The last verse is the one that’ll hit you the hardest as Nipesy recounts the perils of his gang past and God’s grace. The final lines now take on a whole new meaning:

South Central state of mind, high crime rate (Yeah)

Homicide hate, gang banging will get you all day (yeah, yeah)

And look at my fate

“Highter” is the latest single from DJ Khaled’s Father of Asahd album.

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