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DJ Premier ft.Westside Gunn x Conway x Benny – “Headlines”

You can't go wrong with this lineup.


Some collaborations are a no-brainer. The leaders of the Griselda camp have joined forces with DJ Premier for the expectedly dope “Headlines.” Your ears will likely recognize the elegant sample from Rick Ross’s “Cigar Music.”

“I’ve wanted to do a record with them individually for a few years now.  I had been listening to Westside Gunn first.  Conway got my lyrical attention very heavy when Alchemist told me to listen to how he rhymes” Premier said.“Then after I got in tune with Benny’s songs, I immediately knew that in order to follow up the Casanova record (“WUT U SAID”) it made sense to have all three on the same single. “Headlines” was made organically from a blank canvas at my studio at 2am and it happened so fast; and I loved their work ethic.  Pull the trigger on this one!”

The collaboration was a dream project for Westside Gunn, who made sure to shoot visuals for the song in his native Buffalo.

“Working with Preemo was surreal and watching him cook from scratch; I still can’t believe the record is done” exclaimed Gunn.“Shooting the video in my city (Directed by Jason Goldwatch in Buffalo, NY) makes it even more legendary!  This is just the beginning of our cook up and definitely one of the only things on my bucket list.”

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