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[Video] Povetkin’s Left Hook Ends Price in Five

It was a matter of time.


It was a matter of time. The narrative was how bad the knockout would be when Alexander Povetkin finally landed a series of hard shots on David Price. The fall was appropriately chilling when a flush left hook bounced Price’s head off the canvas in round five.

When the 6’8 Price fought tall, he found success in countering the 6’2 Povetkin with left hooks from mid-range. This shot resulted in Price scoring a flash knockdown in the third. But overall, Povetkin’s quicker hands and technique allowed him to get inside and punish Price with snapping hooks. The punishment opened a cut above the left eye to accompany a bloody nose and mouth.

This should absolutely be Price’s last time in the ring. He’s 34 and this was a Hail Mary chance to get back in contention. Furthermore, it was an audition to make Povetkin credible as an opponent for Anthony Joshua or possibly even Dillian Whyte should the Wilder bout fail to materialize.


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  1. I was so gutted for Pricey, he must be one of the nicest dudes in the sport and he should be force in HW division, he just seems mentality shot with that glass chin… I thought he would lose but hes got such a big punch I was hoping he could pull it out the bag… I even put £10 on 11/1 for him to win so when he rocked Povetkin I was going mad haha

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