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[Video] Sarafee Evades Fade Attempt from Meek Mill’s Goons… His Homie Does Not

I think it's safe to say Nicki Minaj must have that fire.


I think it’s safe to say Nicki Minaj must have that fire. Although Sarafee and Meek Mill are long broken up with the Queens beauty, the two have not ceased their hostilities.

Well, at Meek hasn’t. In a clear videotaped setup from DJ Khaled’s BET Mansion Party, an unsuspecting Sarafee is accosted by several men as Meek conveniently exits a truck. Not one to have his all-white attire sullied, Sarafee escapes the melee with the help of a friend. Unfortunately for that friend, the knuckles turn in his direction, and he takes several flush shots standing and on the pavement before he too gets away.

As expected, social media is having a field day with both parties. This marks the second time that Meek’s people have jumped an easy target (see Quentin Miller), while ignoring the repeated requests for a fade from Game last year. There’s a smaller contingent that has been criticizing Sarafee for not coming to the aid of his distressed homie.

Look, as someone who’s been on both sides of the jumping equation in my foolish teenage years, I will fault no man from retreating when two or more adversaries are on his head. If we’ve learned anything from that tragic incident at Irving Plaza, getting into all-out brawls with random goons can have severe consequences. Second, none of us were ever under any illusions that Sarafee was some type of tough guy. With that said, he needs to at least give that entourage member a bonus for doing his job (and then some). I would like to think most would double back to help their friend once they saw what was happening.

As for Meek, that is a big step backward. He had just begun getting to the point where people were focusing on his music over the extracurricular nonsense. It’s not a good look for any man, let alone a star artist in his position, to be rolling around in the streets with his EX’S EX-BOYFRIEND.

$5 bucks says we get a Sarafee diss track by Monday.



  1. “both sides of the jumping equation”. sounds like someone has it down to a mathematical precision.

    Speaking of which, why so silent on the Pac movie. I am sure you won’t have any NYC bias, but how come 3 days after Pac announced ‘Death Row East’, he was removed from the equation?

    1. Funny you mention the Pac movie. I have an interview in the stash with one of the actresses. I’ll get it up next week. Regarding Pac’s death, I’ve always thought the simplest theory was the correct one w/ the Baby Lane retaliation. However, there are admittedly a lot of eerie circumstances.

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