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You had to have known this was strategically designed architecture… architecture that only I have the Pinkprint. Nevertheless, you took the bait.

The queen isn’t ready to give up the crown just yet. After much anticipation, Nicki Minaj is hitting fans with a double feature of visuals for latest singles “Chun Li” and “Barbie Tingz.”

“Chun Li” pays homage to its Street Fighter namesake with¬†some of the martial arts elements, but retains a sadomasochistic feel via Nicki’s revealing spike and leather-clad outfits.


While “Chun Li” is to remind rivals that she’s ready for war, “Barbie Tingz” is a throwback to the zany, Beam Me Up Scotty era Nicki. Still, you’ll note some very clear shots in the opening bars. On another, Nicki’s hips deserve their own zip code and National Treasure status.



After debuting “MotorSport” live at Powerhouse’s NYC last night, the Migos have officially begun their Culture II rollout by releasing the full song this afternoon.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj on the same track should quiet the rumors of beef, but that doesn’t mean the two rap queens can’t be¬†competitive. You can tell both wanted to rise to the occasion and not be the weak link of the collaboration. Cardi’s up first and makes it a point to dismiss the tension rumors.

Same hoes that were sending shots

They reaching out like their back’s itching

What would I hop in some beef

When I can just hop in the Porshe

You heard she gon’ do what from who

That’s not a reliable source

But the show-stealer is Nicki Minaj. Pressure makes diamonds, and it seems Nicki is upping her game as the stakes are high with her next album and. She bobs and weaves through multiple flows while reminding everyone who still wears the crown. And it’s done so well that even her 4534634643654th reference to someone being her “son” is easily forgiven.

Attention, I’ma need you to face front

You don’t want smoke

This a laced blunt

Rap’s Jackie Chan

We ain’t pulling them fake stunts

My crown won’t fit

On your bum ass lace fronts

The verses from Quavo and Takeoff are standard Migos fare and pretty much afterthoughts. Considering how much their flow has permiated the mainstream, let’s hope they try to swtich up the formula a bit for this new project. At press time, there’s no release date for Culture II.


I think it’s safe to say Nicki Minaj must have that fire. Although Sarafee and Meek Mill are long broken up with the Queens beauty, the two have not ceased their hostilities.

Well, at Meek hasn’t. In a clear videotaped setup from DJ Khaled’s BET Mansion Party, an unsuspecting Sarafee is accosted by several men as Meek conveniently¬†exits a truck. Not one to have his all-white attire sullied, Sarafee¬†escapes the melee with the help of a friend. Unfortunately for that friend, the knuckles turn in his direction, and he takes several flush shots standing and on the pavement before he too gets away.

As expected, social media is having a field day with both parties. This marks the second time that Meek’s people have jumped an easy target (see Quentin Miller), while ignoring the repeated requests for a fade from Game last year. There’s a smaller contingent that has been criticizing Sarafee for not coming to the aid of his distressed homie.

Look, as someone who’s been on both sides of the jumping equation in my foolish teenage years, I will fault no man from retreating when two or more adversaries are on his¬†head. If we’ve learned anything from that tragic incident at Irving Plaza, getting into all-out brawls with random goons can have severe consequences. Second, none of us were ever under any illusions that Sarafee was some type of tough guy. With that said, he needs to at least give that entourage member a bonus for doing his job (and then some). I would like to think most would double back to help their friend once they saw what was happening.

As for Meek, that is a big step backward.¬†He had just begun getting to the point where people were focusing on his music over the extracurricular¬†nonsense. It’s not a good look for any man, let alone a star artist in his position, to be rolling around in the streets with his EX’S EX-BOYFRIEND.

$5 bucks says we get a Sarafee diss track by Monday.



The queen is back? Although her beef with Remy Ma has simmered down, Nicki Minaj is looking to have the final say with her video for the “No Frauds” diss. Revisiting the bars aimed at Remy still won’t set the world on fire, but these visuals are well-done from an aesthetic standpoint (particularly the crown,¬†throne and face mask clips). Will this be enough to get Remy back in her bag?


Put the damn phone down! These days, parties and get-togethers are more about capturing moments on your phone instead of having care-free fun. Major Lazer, with help from PARTYNEXT DOOR and Nicki Minaj, satirizes that concept in his new visuals for “Run Up.” If you’re tuning in for some Nicki backshots, you’ll be sorely disappointed. However, the Trini queen is looking mighty fine and performing one of her better verses in recent months.



Better late than never. After getting eviscerated on “ShEther” and getting hit with “Another One,” Nicki Minaj has finally dropped her response. With Drake and Lil Wayne in tow, Nicki brings the autotune for the chorus and attacks Remy’s sales, the stupidity of the shooting that landed her in jail, and her own alleged surgery enhancements.

You can’t be Pablo if your work ain’t sellin’
What the fuck is this bitch inhalin’?
I would’ve helped you off that pit you fell in
I am the generous Queen! Ask Ms. Ellen
Tried to drop “Another One”, you was itchin’ to scrap
You exposed your ghostwriter, now you wish you were scrapped
Heard your pussy on “Yuck,” I guess you needed a pap
What type of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rap?
What type of mother leave her one son over a stack?
Lil biddy down basic bitch thinkin’ she back
Back to back, oh you mean, back to wack?
“Back to Back”? Me and Drizzy laughed at that…

I never signed a 360, bitch you wild dumb
That’s why Jay ain’t clear his verse for your album
Shanaynay, you a fraud committin’ perjury
I got before and after pictures of your surgery
Ra took you to her dog, but you don’t look like Ra
Left the opertating table, still look like “nah

Nicki definitely got some good jabs in, but this is in no way comparable to “ShEther.” Still, we can expect Remy to not let sleeping dogs lie and be back with a response, probably by the weekend.


Talk about beating a dead horse. Instead of waiting to see if Nicki Minaj responds to Shether, Remy is staying on the offensive with the new diss “Another One.” She borrows Drake’s inflections for her flow and makes reference to Nicki shooting a video with Future and potentially ignoring this battle (the artwork itself comes from a recent Nicki IG post). Definitely not in “ShEther’s” realm as this follows the “Back to Back” template way too closely in trying to make a club diss record.

I guess “ShEther” was the KO and this is the victory lap. Are y’all riding with Remy or is this overkill?