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Enjoyed Janet Jackson’s Marriage ‘Finesse?’ Then You Damn Well Better Applaud T.I.’s

The game is the game?


Earlier this week, the hamster wheels were in overdrive with the news that Janet Jackson, a few months removed from the birth of her first child, was separating from her billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana. Usually, this would be a time for sadness. But in a era where online relationship discussions have become the equivalent of Spy vs. Spy, a breakup is the opportunity to analyze who gained the most out of the relationship (finessed, scammed etc.). In this case, an alleged prenup worth $500 million after five years of marriage has been cited as proof Jackson is the ultimate scammer who ruthlessly waited five years and had a baby to hit the literal jackpot.

Fortunately for us readers, the internet has a way of quickly exposing hypocrisy and blatant gender bias. T.I., whose latest soap opera chapter with estranged wife Tiny revolves around a gorgeous new side chick Bernice Burgos, hasn’t gotten the same gushing praise for his comments about how marriage no longer fits his life.

Wait, no applause for Tip’s supposed “finesse” skills? No respect for an entrepreneur that got his star girlfriend and future wife to finance his career? No hi-fives on how he got married but still had threesomes, other lovers and outside babies (allegedly)? No props for getting said wife to take a charge while he was on parole? And no kudos ultimately being wiser than most people in knowing when a relationship has run its course and trying to get out with your sanity intact?


The crux of the issue is this – many of us have not come to terms with our past hurt and disappointments with the opposite sex. Sprinkle in the celebrity worship that defines our society and you get scenarios where we see ourselves in these T.I./Tiny and Janet Jackson dramas.

Nah boo, just because you got a meal and an outfit out of a thirsty dude doesn’t mean Janet, a 50-year-old multi-millionaire and legend who’s learned firsthand that money doesn’t buy happiness, would subject herself to a five-year bid to get coins out of a sham marriage. And homie, let’s pray T.I.’s philandering is nothing like your personal life unless you live for publicly embarrassing your family.

Love can be messy. Very messy. But every celebrity mess you come across does not constitute a scam.

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