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Charlie Murphy Succumbs to Leukemia at 57

Charlie Murphy gone at 57.


Comedian and actor Charlie Murphy has died today from leukemia.

TZM confirmed the news early this afternoon. Murphy’s manager stated the death occurred at a NYC hospital this morning. The comedian had been undergoing chemotherapy and family members were optimistic about his recovery.

Murphy was able to carve out a significant career despite the looming shadow of his legendary younger brother Eddie. Charlie’s acting credits include Mo Betta Blues, CB4The Boondocks and Black Jesus. He also co-wrote material for the Eddie movies Vampire In Brooklyn and Norbit.

Charlie Murphy’s biggest acclaim can from his life story skits on The Chappelle Show, which included classic recollections of 80s encounters with Prince and Rick James.

Charlie Murphy is survived by two children. His wife, Tisha Taylor Murphy, passed away in 2009 from cervical cancer.


Like most, I’m in total shock. From the way Charlie carried himself, you knew he was a one of kind, self-made man. I hope he and Rick are somewhere exchanging a toast and not slaps. RIP.



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