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Troy Ave in Stable Condition After Shooting in Brooklyn

Troy Ave gets shot in Brooklyn.


Troy Ave is in stable condition after being shot in the arm and grazed in the head while driving this afternoon in Brooklyn.

Troy was traveling in a red Maserati on East 91st and Linden when the incident occurred at 4:20 p.m. A lawyer for the rapper stated that he was in route to see family.

The shooting comes seven months after Troy was shot in the leg during a melee at Irving Plaza that left his friend, BSB Banga, dead at the scene. Troy was arrested and charged with attempted murder and illegal weapon possession. He pleaded not guilty and is currently out on bail.

At press time, Troy Ave has not released a statement on the shooting.

Karma isn’t supposed to work this fast. Ever since the feud with Joey Bada$$ and the Capital Steez comments, life has not been kind to Troy Ave. Two shootings in one year should be enough to make any man reconsider his path. Unfortunately for Troy, his bail conditions don’t allow him to leave New York. His best bet is to remain lowkey until his trial and invest in some bodyguards.


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