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Taxstone¬†(Darryl Campbell) was arrested Monday morning for alleged involvement in last year’s shooting at New York’s Irving Plaza that left one man dead and several wounded.

The arrest occurred without incident in Brooklyn. Authorities revealed that the Hip-Hop personality had a federal warrant for being a felon in possession of a firearm, and by the NYPD for unspecified charges relating to the Irving Plaza incident.

Last May, Taxstone and Troy Ave (Ronald Collins) got into a fistfight backstage at the Irving Plaza venue. The fight turned deadly as gunfire left Troy wounded and his friend and bodyguard, BSB Banga (Ronald McPhatter), dead. Troy would later be charged with firearm possession and attempted murder after cameras caught him firing a gun inside the venue. He has pleaded not guilty and a trial is pending.

The gun, a 9-millimeter Kel-Tec, was traced to a Florida owner who told authorities he gave the firearm to one of Taxstone’s associates in 2015. Although Taxstone¬†and Troy Ave’s DNA was found on the weapon, neither man was named as BSB Banga’s killer in the federal complaint.

Last month, Troy Ave was shot again in an unrelated incident.

Taxstone’s record includes a previous conviction on weapons and robbery charges. He served 18 months on the original sentence then eight months for parole violation in 2010. Another violation in 2012 yielded an 11-day sentence.




Troy Ave in Stable Condition After Shooting in Brooklyn

Posted: December 25, 2016 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Troy Ave is in stable condition after being shot in the arm and grazed in the head while driving this afternoon in Brooklyn.

Troy was traveling in a red Maserati on East 91st and Linden when the incident occurred at 4:20 p.m. A lawyer for the rapper stated that he was in route to see family.

The shooting comes seven months after Troy was shot in the leg during a melee at Irving Plaza that left his friend, BSB Banga, dead at the scene. Troy was arrested and charged with attempted murder and illegal weapon possession. He pleaded not guilty and is currently out on bail.

At press time, Troy Ave has not released a statement on the shooting.

Karma isn’t supposed to work this fast. Ever since the feud with Joey Bada$$ and the Capital Steez comments, life has not been kind to Troy Ave. Two shootings in one year should be enough to make any man reconsider his path. Unfortunately for Troy, his bail conditions don’t allow him to leave New York. His best bet is to remain lowkey until his trial and invest in some bodyguards.



Troy Ave faces attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon charges after video surfaced showing him firing a gun at last night’s deadly shooting in Irving Plaza.

According to The Daily News, Troy Ave was arrested earlier today while recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the leg at NYU Lagone Hospital. The Brooklyn rapper can face murder charges if ballistics match his weapon the bullets found in his manager BSB Banga, who died at the scene. A woman and another man were also shot in the melee.

While the Daily News is also reporting the shooting was due to a conflict between Maino and Ave, the former took to social media this morning to vehemently deny the reports.

More on this story as it develops.


Troy Ave was shot and his manager BSB Banga¬†killed by unidentified assailants last night¬†during a T.I. concert at NYC’s Union Square.

The venue-clearing incident occurred during the set of Brooklyn’s Maino and Uncle Murda. Eyewitness accounts a fight happened near the backstage entrance and spilled on stage. Shots rang out as another fight broke out on the concert floor.

Representatives for Troy Ave confirmed to Karen Civil that he was grazed by a bullet. In addition to BSB Banga, another man and woman were shot.

At press time, police have not confirmed any suspects.



ATLANTA — Bankroll Fresh, one of the emerging rappers on the Atlanta scene, was shot and killed last night outside of northeast Atlanta’s Street Execs Studio.

Fresh, real name Trentavious White, was shot a little after 11 p.m. on Friday evening. According to Atlanta Police spokesman Donald Hannah, authorities arrived on the scene in time to witness “a large crowd of people fleeing the location.” By this time, associates of White had taken him to nearby Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds before midnight.

Police recovered over 50 shell casings at the scene. A motive has not been established. Hannah verified that Homeland Security was able to collect video evidence at the scene.


Bankroll Fresh murder scene

Bankroll Fresh’s murder is the latest crime that has plagued an area known for its rapper-related studios. An April 2014 drive-by shooting attempt happened less than a mile away at a studio on Forrest Street. In July 2015, luxury cars outside of Rick Ross’ studio on Defoor Hills Road were shot up. Two men were were victims of a shooting in August 2015 after leaving 11th Street Studios.

Bankroll Fresh received his biggest national exposure with his 2014 breakout single “Hot Boy.” He has collaborated with mainstream artists like 2 Chainz and Jeezy, and released a self-titled album in November. His most recent video, “Poppin Shit,” dropped last month.


Horrible news to wake up to this morning. I last saw Bankroll in October when I was able to be on stage and record him, Jeezy and Travis Porter performing their remix of “Walked In” at the A3C Festival. He was in a great mood and tried to make time for all his fans there.

The next 48 hours are very important to gathering the evidence needed to solve a crime like this. The other side of that equation is we’ll hear all the rumors, making it difficult to determine fact from fiction. There are folks in the city already claiming this was a hit. Others says it was over an argument with a entourage member, and 50+ shell casings found gives the latter theory some traction. However, we have no idea if Fresh was the intended target, nor whether all those casings were due to shooting from opposing sides.

KRS-One once said in a chorus, “If you want to get away with murder, kill a rapper.” Let’s hope Bankroll Fresh is an exception to the rule.


Beanie Sigel is undergoing surgery this morning after being shot in the stomach during a dispute outside a New Jersey home.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Sigel¬†(Dwight Grant)¬†was wounded¬†around 9:45 a.m. in Pleasantville. The details of the shooting and suspect information has not been disclosed by officials. Sigel is listed in “serious condition.” A second shooting victim denied treatment.

Sigel was released from federal prison in August after serving a two-year sentence for tax evasion. The former Roc-a-fella star is required to serve the remainder of his sentence in a halfway house and was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time of the incident.

Sigel recently¬†delivered a well-received verse on¬†Young Chris’ “Legends Never Die.”¬†Sigel’s last full-length project was 2012’s This Time.

BeatsBoxingMayhem will update this story as more information becomes available. 



Suge Knight has underwent surgery after being shot six times¬†at West Hollywood’s 10AK nightclub early Sunday morning.

Knight was at the club for a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown. According to TMZ, Knight was hit in the arm and stomach and is one of three people shot for unknown reasons when the party turned violent. He was able to leave the venue on his power before being loaded into an ambulance. The assailants are still at large.

Reports from eyewitnesses indicate that an hour and a half before the shooting, rapper Game and his entourage got into a scuffle with security guards over entry into the party. Game is said to have left while members of his entourage remained. At press time, none of them have been identified as potential suspects.

In 2005, Knight was shot in the leg at another VMAs pre-party. Knight would later sue the party’s host, Kanye West, for damages that included a lost earring. The two would settle out of court in 2011 for an undisclosed sum.

At press time, Knight has not released a statement on today’s shooting.


This better be the last VMA party that Suge attends. With that said, the former Death Row CEO’s luck doesn’t appear to have run out. For a man his size, it’s remarkable that he’s survived three confirmed shootings (Tupac’s murder, Kanye party and now Chris Brown) in the last 18 years.

From the reports, it already sounds like the media is implying Game’s camp might be involved. However, you never know how many people in that venue had gang ties or an ax to grind with Suge. For example, Chris Brown himself is known to associate with Bloods. And it’s not like Knight hasn’t made a considerable amount of enemies in the last two decades.

At 49 years old, how much more can take Knight take? BeatsBoxingMayhem will continue following this story as it develops.