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Tupac Collaborator Big Syke Dead at 48



Big Syke, known for his affiliation with Tupac Shakur via the group Thug Life and other high-profile projects, was found dead Tuesday at his home in Hawthrone, CA. He was 48.

Syke, real name Tyrus Himes, was found following a call made to police. The L.A. County Coronor’s office believes Himes died of natural causes although an autopsy is pending.

Per TMZ, Syke is reported to have suffered from obesity and heart issues.

Big Syke began his career in 1990 as the founding member of the group Evil Mind Gangstas (with Domino and Mental Illness), releasing one self-titled album. After a meeting with Tupac in 1992, he joined Shakur’s Thug Life group. Their gold-selling debut, Thug Life: Volume 1, was released in 1994 with Syke appearing on the single “Cradle to the Grave.”

Syke would later make prominent appearances on Tupac’s multi-platinum Death Row debut, All Eyez On Me, and several posthumous Tupac albums.

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