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Wale Responds to J. Cole on “Groundhog Day”

Less than 24 hours J. Cole dropped "False Prophets," the criticism has inspired a response from Wale entitled "Groundhog Day."


I love my brother tho/ That’s why it’s rest in peace to Tommy/ We still bumping Cole

One day after J. Cole dropped “False Prophets,” the criticism has inspired a response from Wale entitled “Groundhog Day.”

Since these two are homies, this is an on-wax discussion/debate instead of a beef. Wale concedes that he is emotional and spends considerable time lamenting the lack of praise he gets (literally declares himself most underrated in the opening). But the D.C. emcee argues his attitude comes from having to fight for recognition and not having the blessing of an industry cosign like Cole had with Jay Z:

I remember me and Cole/ Would open for Hov/ Every day a “Star Is Born”/ I guess I died in the womb/ I didn’t make it on Blueprint/ So make me a blueprint/ You got a nice watch/ My minutes was finished…

In other words, don’t knock my approach if you haven’t been through my struggle. Things could have went left when Wale takes a light jab at Cole’s biracial heritage, subliminally implying that may be the reason Cole doesn’t completely understand Wale’s challenges. But as quickly as it’s brought up, Wale deads it.

Not to cause a situation/ But what side of my biracial friends call me their nigga?/ Forget it, I’m jive tripping/ But my skin is made of chocolate/ And copper’s bullets is diabetic…

Produced by Jake One, I’d say you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a better response in such a short timeframe.



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