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[Video] Water and Cornflakes– Broner Challenges Mayweather Face to Face: “He gotta come see me!”

It finally happened -- big bro vs. baby bro.


It finally happened. After years of the “Big bro-baby bro” and “frenemy” routine, Adrien Broner used his post-fight interview after stopping Ashley Theophane to challenge Floyd Mayweather.

Their issues reached the breaking point this week with Mayweather doing an interview ridiculing Broner ¬†as a subpar, immature fighter. As you’ll see below, Broner took offense and wants satisfaction in the ring (and that payday, of course).

Mayweather, who was ringside tending to his fighter Theophane, had the expected response.


Beating a lesser talent like Theophane isn’t going to bring Floyd out of retirement. But the seed has been planted. If Broner can string a win or two together against top welterweight names (any combo of Porter, Thurman, Garcia, Spence or Brook), don’t be surprised to see these two in the ring come 2017.

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