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[Video] Daniel Jacobs Blows Away Peter Quillin with First Round TKO

BROOKLYN -- Tonight's "Battle for Brooklyn" was settled quickly with Daniel Jacobs stopping Peter Quillin one minute and 25 seconds into the first round...


BROOKLYN — Tonight’s “Battle for Brooklyn” was settled quickly with Daniel Jacobs stopping Peter Quillin one minute and 25 seconds into the first round.

After a few inconsequential jabs from Quillin, Jacobs baited his rival with a left hook feint before landing a crushing right hand high on the temple. Quillin staggered into the ropes where Jacobs pounced with clusters of unanswered power shots.

When Quillin tried to fight off the ropes, he was met with another right that sent him careening into the ropes. The referee nearly called the fight when the punch landed, but took a second look at Quillin’s eyes before stopping the bout.

NEXT BUSINESS: This fight is massive win for Jacobs. Quillin is his first Top 5 opponent and the best since he lost to Dmitry Pirog. With Al Haymon’s PBC money fund behind him (Writer’s Note: Jacobs and Quillin both made $1.5 million tonight), he can make a lucrative offer to the IBF title winner between Andy Lee and Billy Joe Saunders. Chris Eubank is another potential fight.

Yes, Golovkin is still the best middleweight in the division. But Golovkin’s is in line to face Canelo Alvarez sometime next year, making a Jacobs fight unrealistic for the foreseeable future.

As for Quillin, tonight was the worst possible outcome. A move to super middleweight is probably on the cards, but expect a slow rebuild with subpar competition until the end of 2016.

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