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[Video] Thurman Stops Collazo After Round 5 Scare

Keith Thurman had to dig deep after taking a flush liver shot to stop Luis Collazo last night on ESPN's debut of Premier Boxing Champions.


Keith Thurman had to dig deep after taking a flush liver shot to stop Luis Collazo last night on ESPN’s debut of Premier Boxing Champions.

SCRIPT FLIPPED: Through the first four rounds, the bout followed the predicted script. Collazo was too slow to counter Thurman off the backfoot, and was clipped with short hooks and straight rights when he attempted to bring the pressure. Thurman’s movement was sharp until Collazo a timed left hook to the liver that buckled the Tampa native.

The shot happened with less than 30 seconds remaining, allowing Thurman to run and hold to survive the round.

THURMAN’S POWER PAYS OFF: Although Collazo tried to bring the same pressure that got him that perfect liver shot, Thurman’s power made the Brooklynite pay a heavy price in terms of facial damage. Collazo’s left eye swelled and opened up, and by the end of the seventh he could no longer see the shots coming. When asked by the ringside doctor if he could continue, Collazo but it back in their hands (“Y’all are gonna have to make that decision, but I can’t see.”). After the bout was stopped, Collazo confirmed he agreed with the decision, stating it was “better to be safe than sorry.”

A CLEAR BLUEPRINT ON THURMAN?: From what we’ve seen, it’s clear that Thurman’s main weakness is dealing with pressure. He gets can get jumpy and sloppy, allowing opponents to land hard shots on him. So far, his power has been able to see him through against the likes of Chaves, Guerrero and now Collazo. But what happens when he gets in there with someone with the chin to keep coming and the power to give him a taste of his own medicine?

Granted, fighters like Antonio Margarito don’t grow on tress. Outside of Marcos Maidana, no one fits that exact mold at welterweight. However, there is a PBC stablemate who’s made it clear he’s up to take the Thurman challenge.

No doubt this is an intriguing fight, but it’s highly unlikely Spence gets this fight anytime soon. Thurman has a solid list of contenders on his resume while Spence has yet to dispatch even a gatekeeper.

THE MAYWEATHER SWEEPSTAKES: Like anyone between 140-154 pounds, Thurman gave an impassioned post-fight interview calling out Floyd Mayweather. Even with talk of Floyd’s “last fight” in September being on CBS network TV, he’ll still want to face someone with the biggest name possible — Amir Khan fits the bill over anyone else. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Thurman ink a date with Shawn Porter to close out the year.

WILLIE NELSON TKO9 TONY HARRISON: In the opener, Willie Nelson pulled out a late KO on Tony Harrison. Nelson was behind on the cards and being outboxed in a tactical fight. A counter right froze Harrison and allowed Nelson to tee off with several more punches that floored Harrison. He beat the count, but stumbled into a corner and turned his back, giving the ref no choice but to call the fight. The defeat was the first of Harrison’s career.


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