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02-15-17 Keith Thurman

(photo by Douglas DeFelice/Prime 360 Photography)

Photo Credit: Prime 360 Photography

We’re just over two weeks away from the big welterweight showdown between Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia. Thurman, who’s putting the finishing touches on his training camp in St. Petersburg, Florida, took time to disclose his thoughts on the matchup and how his last win against Shawn Porter lifted his game.


At the end of the day, it’s just another fight. My job has not changed since I was seven years old. This is the sport that I love. The name of the game to hit and not get hit, but you know I’m looking to inflict some damage as well.

I know Danny is confident coming into this fight. He’s trying to challenge me and hurt me. I have an ‘0’ and I’m not ready to let it go. If you think you can beat me, beat me. It’s going down on March 4.

02-15-17 Keith Thurman

(photo by Douglas DeFelice/Prime 360 Photography)

You can expect a world class fight. We’re both great champions with impressive skills. We’re going to be pushing each other and testing each other. I see myself as the smarter fighter. I’ve shown that I can adjust in the middle of a fight. With the experience that I have, I go in there with an objective I’m trying to achieve. If it’s not happening, then I have to use something else.

Ultimately, my heart desires victory at this stage and at this level. I’m looking to do what I do best. Which is be a smart fighter, look for the openings and if I can cause some damage, hopefully I can capitalize on that.

I showed against Shawn Porter that when you fully challenge me and make me gut it out, I’m there. I’m a champion and this champion doesn’t lie down for anybody. That fight was a tremendous fight and we showed that we understand each other as fighters.

I thought to myself after eight rounds against Porter, ‘this fight is tied.’ Nothing that happened in the first eight rounds mattered. The fight was going to be decided in four rounds, just like the amateurs. I had to do what Ben Getty always said, ‘smart fighters win and dumb fighters lose.’

I just want to keep moving myself up and establishing my legacy. I want to distinguish myself from the other welterweights. The winner of this fight will get the spotlight over everyone else in the division. 

02-15-17 Keith Thurman

(photo by Douglas DeFelice/Prime 360 Photography)

I’m doing this for my career, for my legacy and for the fans. Without the fans, there’s no legacy. I’ve been boxing for 21 years of my life and I look forward to having some more great years. I’m proud to be living my dream.

To get two tremendous fights back-to-back is evidence that I’m on the right track and you could say we’re gaining more power in the sport. I’m getting what I want out of the sport, which are big fights like this.

This is something that the fans are excited about and I’m truly looking forward to this fight. I just want to keep living my dreams and working to become the best fighter in the world. 
Establishing a unification of a weight class is my ultimate goal in the sport of boxing. That’s what we’re working for.
02-15-17 Keith Thurman

(photo by Douglas DeFelice/Prime 360 Photography)


The preparation has been fantastic. Keith has been on both. His long runs, short runs, sprinting, listening to everything in the gym not to mention great sparring. You are going to see a great performance.

This is a dream come true for me. I never dreamed of this when I was Youngstown, OH before I came to Florida. When I came here there were guys like Jeff Lacy and Winky Wright that came into my gym who I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. Then came Ben Getty and Keith Thurman.

I owe most of this to Ben Getty. I want him to get a lot of the recognition. He really deserves it. I am just trying to continue what he started.

Fans are going to see a great performance. They are going to see a well-conditioned, well-trained Keith Thurman. He is very focused on getting rid of Garcia and moving up in the ranks.



Photo Credit: Amanda Westcott/Showtime

BROOKLYN — Today’s opening press conference for the welterweight showdown between Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia devolved into a profanity-laden argument between Thurman and Garcia’s father/trainer Angel Garcia.

Angel took exception to Thurman promising to knock off his son. Considering this was the presser where the fight was confirmed for CBS with TV officials present, it wasn’t the best look for potential sponsors.

The fight airs on CBS March 4 at 9 p.m. ET.


Keith Thurman vs. Danny Garcia now has a home. The much-anticipated welterweight showdown will take place on March 4 from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

The fighters will officially announce the news with an opening press conference live at the Barclays this Wednesday (January 18).

What hasn’t been confirmed is the network. Keith Thurman’s last bout, a decision win over Shawn Porter last June, aired on CBS. Garcia fought in November on Spike, knocking out Samuel Vargas in seven rounds.

Tickets for the fight will also go on sale January 18. Fans who attend this Saturday’s (January 14) super middleweight bout between Badou Jack and James DeGale will receive access to an exclusive presale.


Photo Credit: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Danny Garcia handled his “tune-up”in brutal, efficient fashion with a seventh round TKO over Samuel Vargas, earning him a March showdown with fellow undefeated welterweight titlist Keith Thurman.

Because of the pronounced gulf in class, Garcia used the fight to work off the rust from an 11-month layoff. Instead of his normally vicious left hand, it was Garcia’s right hook that did the most damage. He sent Vargas tumbling head over heels with a right hook counter in the second, and continued finding a home for it in every exchange. The one-sided beating was called off in the seventh after Vargas received several head-snapping hooks while trapped on the ropes.

Then the real fireworks began.

Thurman, who had been doing ringside commentary, jumped in the ring for a heated face to face confrontation with Garcia. The spectacle was the right kind of hype to build for PBC’s first big fight of 2017.



Photo Credit: Ed Diller/ DiBella Entertainment

BROOKLYN — Can you say rematch? Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter lived up to expectations by delivering a fast-paced, action-packed battle last night at the Barclays Center. It was our first big showdown between Top 5 welterweights this year and displayed the division’s potential. What made this matchup so special? Read on…


FIRE AND DESIRE: With both guys coming into last night with one-year layoffs, there was an expectation that the early rounds would be tentative. Not so — both men came out swinging with bad intentions. When there was any space between them, Thurman found success with eye-catching counter left hooks and overhand rights. When Thurman failed to time Porter’s blitzes, the fight then went to the ropes when Thurman found himself mauled by clubbing body shots.

DURABILITY: One of the most impressive things from last night was the punch resistance. Porter ran into several clean shots that would have put most welterweights to sleep. His knees were buckled twice (4th and l0th rounds), but Thurman could never seriously get him in trouble. Porter would clinch, and come right back on offense. When Porter got clocked late in the championship rounds, he clinched and immediately spun Thurman to the ropes to deliver his own shots.

Like the Collazo fight, Thurman was hurt to the body. This came late in the fight courtesy of a Porter left uppercut to the solar plexus. Thurman went into immediate retreat, but didn’t cower the rest of the round. He had to return fire with fire to keep Porter from overwhelming him.

DIVERGENT SCORECARDS: This was one of those fights where your preference heavily influenced the scoring. Personally, I had it a draw (114-114). I had Thurman winning three of the first four rounds by isolating Porter’s ability to get inside, and countering him with harder shots. But in the middle rounds, I thought Porter landed the more effective work (body shots) by getting Thurman pinned to the ropes several times each round. As a result, I gave him rounds 5-9.

But in the championship rounds, it became more of an outside and mid-range battle. Porter could not get inside often and when he did, Thurman either clinched effectively or Porter’s anxiousness caused him to smother his own work. I had Thurman sweeping the last three rounds. During the fight, I counted about 3 rounds that were close and could have gone either way, which justifies a two-point swing for either guy as acceptable.

Thurman said he’s open to a rematch, so let’s hope he keeps his word.



JARRETT HURD TKO10 OSCAR MOLINA: Hurd continued his climb of the 154 pound ranks with a dominating performance over Oscar Molina. The 6’1 Hurd used his size to bully the 5’9 Molina and overwhelm him with a variety of inside uppercuts and hooks. The tone was set at the end of round one when Molina was floored with a counter right uppercut.

The fight was only mired by the finish. The referee stopped the fight prematurely after Molina tried to clinch after absorbing several hooks. At this pace, look for Hurd to be in the title picture next year.




Former welterweight titlist Shawn Porter was in NYC yesterday to discuss his June 25 showdown with Keith Thurman, his favorite boxers, boxing politics and more. Always good to see notable boxers getting mainstream press.

press conference-0002

Photo Credit: Amanda Westcott/Showtime

NEW YORK — Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter are officially back on the schedule. The two young welterweights are (hopefully) set to clash June 25 at the Barclays Center. Originally scheduled for March, a Thurman car accident forced the new date. Let’s hope everything goes smooth over the next two months — the PBC brand has a strong list of upcoming and potential matchups in the 147-pound division.

Thurman and Porter had the below comments at today’s presser. Televised coverage begins June 25 on CBS at 9 p.m. ET. On the undercard is Abner Mares vs. Jesus Cuellar.


press conference-0009


I made you wait. But it’s worth it. This is a tremendous fight. Arguably the best matchup of the year. We’re going to work our butts off to make it the Fight of the Year.
Our two teams go way back. This is the most beautiful moment of my professional career and I’m about to compete with somebody I grew up with. I’m happy for my success and I’m happy for Shawn’s success. We come from the same boat. When you’re a young kid in the gym training and then you’re here today, that takes a special kind of person. Shawn and I are both that kind of person.
We took six weeks off after my accident, with three days a week of physical therapy. I was relaxing at home. I didn’t like it. As a fighter, I wanted this fight as bad as the fans wanted this fight.
This isn’t just the biggest fight of my career. But it’s the most anticipated fight of my career. Sometimes it pays to add some drama to the game. It wasn’t our intention, but I think it worked out.
Barclays Center makes this a big fight. We get to promote here in New York City. New York is a fight town. My favorite fighter of all time, Mike Tyson, is from Brooklyn. This just happened to work out for the best.
I anticipate most of the welterweight division being in attendance on June 25. The situation that division is in right now is that we’re all in a frenzy. Everyone wants the spotlight and everyone wants to be the top dog. We all have that opportunity.
I want to have two titles by the end of this year. People talk about replacing Floyd Mayweather, but you can’t become the man without beating all the people in front of you. One fight at a time. I want to stay at the top by grabbing another belt. I’m going to show that I’m the big dog at 147 pounds.
June 25, my friend is about to become my enemy. I’m going to treat him like any other enemy.
Get your tickets. Get your seats. Get your popcorn. Whatever you need to do. This is going to be a fight you don’t want to miss. This is going to be a knockout you don’t want to miss. I love you Shawn, but I’m doing my best to put you to sleep.

press conference-0005


I’m very excited about this fight. I’m blessed to have this opportunity. Not only to go for this title but to be a part of a record-breaking show at Barclays Center. This night is going to be memorable.
Keith Thurman is bringing out the competitiveness in me to a level I’ve always wanted. It’s a level I expect. I have a guy next to me who is challenging me more than ever. Me and Keith Thurman are going to put on a show. Everything you talked about, you’re going to get it.
It is amazing to be a part of something great like this. I’ve always considered myself to be a very good fighter and a very good athlete, but I’ve always wanted something like this and to have it is very humbling.
I wasn’t surprised that Keith said he would knock me out. He has to pump himself up and be confident. When he looked at me I think he was trying to convince me that he was being real and I was looking at him to find out if he was convinced. He thinks he’s going to knock me out, I say he’s not. I’m going to do everything it takes to beat him and make it look easy.
This is forming to be a big fight, one of those fights that we’ve looked forward to since we were kids.
This is my second time fighting at Barclays Center. I’m 1-0 with a championship so now I’m looking for another one. I’ve been to some of the other fights at Barclays too and it is really an electric atmosphere. People are coming out to see something great and that’s what I’m going to give them.
I’m not changing anything in camp because of how familiar Keith and I are with each other. I have to do it at the right time in the ring. We’re going to do everything we do to prepare for a world championship fight.
Thurman is a little unorthodox at times so we’re prepared for that. It’s about going 12 rounds or less and looking good doing it. We’ve done a little sparring as pros but nothing as competitive as I’m expecting on June 25.
I have a feeling Keith is going to say he’s knocking me out a lot. I want to know if he believes that. He’s a cutthroat kind of fighter. I know that. The hands will be up, the defense will be taken care of, and we’re taking care of business.