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[Interview] Brian “BoMac” McIntyre: Terence Crawford’s Best Weapon

Terence Crawford's trainer Brian "BoMac" McIntyre talks in-depth about his fighter's 140-pound debut against Thomas Dulorme.


Terence Crawford is the 2014 Fighter of the Year. So what does that make his trainer Brian “BoMac” McIntyre? After a dominant lightweight run, Crawford tests the waters at 140 pounds tonight against a Top 10 ranked opponent in Thomas Dulorme. In this exclusive interview with BeatsBoxingMayhem, Bomac analyzes Dulorme and why the best is yet to come from Terence Crawford.

BeatsBoxingMayhem: Why did you like and dislike about Crawford’s performance against Beltran?

BoMac: I liked that he took smart risks in there. He could have stepped on the gas sooner. He started stepping on the gas about the 10th round. He could have in the 8th or 9th. But that’s kinda of my fault; I should have asked him how he felt and if Beltran was still strong in there. Depending on the response I would have got him going sooner.

BeatsBoxingMayhem: Can you explain what you mean by taking smart risks?

BoMac: Terence is a southpaw. One of the risks you take is throwing a left hook from the left side of your body while he’s moving to his right. What Terence did was he jabbed first and then he went with it. You don’t jab and you’re subject for a straight right down the pike. They always say southpaws are a sucker for right hands. But Terence blindfolded him with the jab and then went into it. Those are smart chances. When Beltran moved to his right, he ran into the southpaw left hand.



BeatsBoxingMayhem: Even with his switch-hitting Crawford’s southpaw right jabs and hooks are very authoritative.

BoMac: We started that when Terence was about 10 or 11 years old. I used to do it in the gym and then the older guys started with it. Terence saw it and emulated it. It grew until he was good on both sides.

BeatsBoxingMayhem: Is Crawford really jumping or simply moving to his natural weight class at 140?

BoMac: Definitely his natural weight. I held him to 135 as long as I could. Even coming out of the amateurs he wanted to start at 140. I told him no and we could fight between 137 and 138 until we get to a championship fight and then start making that 135. By the time we got there we had more people on the team like nutritionists that could help me out with the diet. We got down to the weight smartly.

But for Terence to walk around at 157-162, he’s naturally a junior welterweight. That’s 22 pounds you gotta cut.

BeatsBoxingMayhem: What other signs let you know Terence had to move up? We’ve seen historical cases like Donald Curry where a trainer can wait too long to move their guy up and it affects their ring performances.

BoMac: When he started complaining about his organs like his stomach hurts. Backstage you see him shaking and shit. What he’s doing is damaging his organs. He did that like 1-2 times but even the last 3-4 fights he’s been like “Bo’ we gotta move up.” As much as he listens to me, I have to listen to him because he’s listening to his body.

BeatsBoxingMayhem: The narrative on Thomas Dulorme is that his has elite physical ability but a suspect chin and heart. His performance against Hank Lundy didn’t help. How do you evaluate him?

BoMac: He’s an alright fighter; he’s a good boxer. One thing Dulorme lacks is heart. When the times get tough in there the first thing he does is back up. When he gets popped or the pressure is put on him, he doesn’t punch for defense — he punches for desperate measures to get the guy off him. Some fighters like Terence, when he’s going backwards its to set you up for a counter. With Dulorme, he’s going to back to stay away.

The kid has no heart. The whole thing I’ve been stressing to Terence in camp is that we’re going to take this dude’s heart. Keep pressing forward, take his jab and right hand away from him. When you take his weapons, you can kick his ass with your eyes closed. Once the heart is gone, he’s fighting to survive. He might just get the hell up out of there.



BeatsBoxingMayhem: Looking at this from the other side, how would you train a fighter like Dulorme? 

BoMac: You can’t fix heart because you’re born with that. I have some fighters like that. I was like that when I was 15-16 years old. Sometimes I got away with it. But you got some guys that will hit you with some shit and have your dick in the dirt. Have you like “Man, I got to get the hell outta here.” [laughs]

I have one particular guy that I show extra attention to because I hope he grows out of it. When my trainer saw that in me, he said we’re not fighting like that anymore. We put a lot time on staying calm and collected. You already have heart to step in there but you can’t teach lion’s heart. You get dropped with a good shot, don’t get up until that buzz goes away. You’re subject to get killed if you don’t. There is always another day to fight.

BeatsBoxingMayhem: What’s your take on 140. We got Matthysse-Provodnikov on the same card, we don’t know if Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson will stay there, and even Adrien Broner. Do you think he can get these marquee matchups?

BoMac: We’re gonna clean up 140 and then look at 147. After that and a couple years, Terence already said he’ll be done. It’s a lot of good names to clean up. The winner of Matthysse and Provodnikov is the first target. The thing is getting 140-pounders that will be approved by HBO. You just can’t throw names out there and have HBO like “I’m not paying for that shit!”

We start camp far enough where we work on what he does best and how we’ll neutralize what the other guy does best. We plan to impose our will.

BeatsBoxingMayhem: Have we seen Crawford at his absolute prime?

BoMac: Shit naw, man. The more fights he gets, the better he’s getting. You see it in the fights, but I’m seeing it in everyday life in the choices he makes. His day to day living is right. One time I told Terence that sometimes you have to throw that boxing shit out the window and fight these motherfuckers. Make it a dogfight. After the Gamboa fight, he told this kid “Sometimes man, you gotta be like fuck that boxing and fight these motherfuckers.” It finally hit him and he understood that part of the game.

That’s how I can see as a fighter he’s growing.

BeatsBoxingMayhem: To finish up, tell me how it was coming up in Omaha?

BoMac: Our community is like anyone else’s. We have crime and success stories coming out of here. We still live in the ghetto on the northside. Success hasn’t gone to our head. The gym we started together, B&B Boxing Academy, is right there smack in the middle of our community, where 95% is black. We are in the Top 5 poorest communities in a five-mile radius in the entire country. We have one of the highest murder rates in the country. I told Terence this is where we’ll find fighters that will fight for you. Just like where we come from. They just need a light and guidance to show there can be a better life for them.

I made sure our gym looks like a gym. Bring your ass in here, slang them thangs, and this is what you’re gonna learn. Let’s keep it pushing. We’re not babying nobody and pussy-footing around. If I can make one world champion, I know I can make some more out of this same community where I’m from. They just need someone that knows what the hell they’re doing. I’m working night and day to make sure they have a better life in boxing than I did.

Crawford vs. Dulorme airs on HBO Saturday April 18 at 9:45 p.m.


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