Know Your Samples

Know Your Samples – Gabriel Garzon-Montano Welcomes Drake To the “Jungle”

Gabriel Garzon-Montano provides inspiration on Drake's latest mixtape.


Earlier this week, Drake shocked the music world with the release of his fourth mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. One of the standout songs is “Jungle,” a track that finds Drake struggling with whether he’s able to emotionally handle a long-term, committed relationship. The sample is a slow-churning groove accompanied by the subdued musings of soul artist Gabriel Garzon Montano, a New York native who’s recently been on tour with Lenny Kravitz and released his debut, Bishoune: Alma Del Huila, last year. The album opens with the below song entitled “6 8.”


And here is Drake’s version, as heard through the production lenses of Noah “40” Shebib.


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