[Photo] Andre Ward Inks Promotional Deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports

Andre Ward is back in business.


Andre Ward is back in business. Sidelined since November 2013 due to promotional disputes with Goossen Tutor, Andre Ward confirmed this morning that he’s now joined Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports under an exclusive promotional contract.

Ward announced the signing via the above picture on Instagram. Jay Z will┬ábe running his first boxing event, “Throne Boxing,” tonight on Fox Sports 1 live from Madison Square Garden.

At press time, the terms of the deal have not been disclosed.


Congrats to Ward. Boxing has literally been passing him by over the last year with all the major players from 160-175 conducting business like he doesn’t exist. Now with a promoter who’s willing to spend big money to get a return on his investment, it’s going to be harder for fighters like Golovkin, Froch, Chavez Jr. and Dirrell to justify not facing the sport’s consensus #2 Pound 4 Pound fighter.

Now the big question. If you’re Jay Z, who is your first target for Ward?

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  1. Hopefully Ward can get cracking again and is willing to step outside of his living room to fight!

    Jay has potential to good things in the sport though… But Al Haymon gonna let his fighters fight the ROC stable due to his petty beef with Jay or Beyonce???

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