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[Video] Adrien Broner Clarifies ‘Mexican’ Comment, Issues Apology

Adrien Broner answers critics about alleged racism.

005 Broner IMG_8245

Following the announcement of an indefinite suspension from the WBC for his post-fight comments last week about Carlos Molina, Adrien Broner has released a video dispelling the accusation that he’s a bigot.

In a video advertising a May 10 party, Broner maintained that he was simply identifying Molina’s nationality and had no ill intent about the country as a whole, affirming that he “loves” all his Mexican fans.

You can watch the full video below, along with cameos from the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Rick Ross and Devon Alexander.



A few things. First, it was a good idea to go on camera with his apology and not rely on Golden Boy for an official statement. Remarks like this should be unscripted and whatever you think of Broner, it’s obvious these are his thoughts. Second, Broner hopefully has taken the adage of ¬†“it’s a time and a place for everything,” to heart. Most fans love trash-talking, but still expect to see some level of respect once the combat ends. Even Muhammad Ali, whose comments on fellow Hall of Famers like Floyd Patterson (Uncle Tom) and Joe Frazier (gorilla) were even more inflammatory, had enough sense to reel it in once the fights ended.

Will this be the start of Adrien Broner learning to use his “off-switch?”

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