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[Video] One and Done – Deontay Wilder KO1 Malik Scott

The Deontay Wilder KO streak continues...


What was supposed to be Deontay Wilder’s first major test turned into another blowout. With his first clean punch (a left hook), Wilder had Scott barreling backward to the canvas. A follow-up straight right proved inconsequential since the left landed on the temple and took away Scott’s equilibrium. The easy win now puts Wilder in line to face the winner of the rematch between Chris Arreola and Bermane Stiverne.

This piece would be remiss if no mention were made of fans deriding Scott for possibly taking a dive. If there was a fix, I hope it was a good enough payday to retire on since this loss constitutes the type of setback most fighters don’t recover from. And keep in mind, it was a similar shot on the high side of the head that had David Price stumbling all over in the ring in his first loss to Tony Thompson.

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  1. People who have been calling it a fix or that it was a weak knock out need their heads checking…

    I don’t know if Showtime showed replays form different angles like they did over here, but Deontays left hook landed flush on Malik Scott’s temple, 18 or 19stone or whatever he weighs, landing like that would knock anyone out…

    Ive been a critic of Wilder over the years, due to him fighting nobodies etc, but fair is fair, that was a great win for him…

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