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Second Suspect Arrested in Doe B, Kim Johnson Slayings


Montgomery police had charged a second suspect with the December 28 shooting deaths of rapper Doe B and Troy University student Kimberle Johnson.

Darius Thomas, 25, turned himself in on Wednesday night. He faces two counts of capital murder charges with co-defendant Jason McWilliams, 25, who turned himself in on December 30.

Doe B (Glenn Thomas) and Johnson were killed at the Centennial Hill Bar and Grill on December 28. Police believe the shooting of Doe B was over an undisclosed feud the rapper had with both men. Darius Thomas previously appeared in Doe B’s video “Let Me Find Out,” brandishing a firearm in the opening 11 seconds. Johnson was the only fatality of seven bystanders who were also shot. Before turning himself in, McWilliams took to his social media accounts to deny any role in the killing.

Both suspects are being held without bond at the Montgomery County Detention Facility. The Centennial Bar and Grill remains closed.


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